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December 27, 2021, 13:14

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Photo by E. Samarin.

This regimen is used to treat patients with risk factors for the development of a severe course of coronavirus infection.

In August of this year, Moscow doctors were the first in Russia to use innovative treatment regimens for patients at risk of developing severe COVID-19. The therapy is based on the use of the latest drugs based on monoclonal virus-neutralizing antibodies. Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development, said that for the first time antibodies began to be used in the summer of this year in case of diseases of pregnant women belonging to a high risk group.

“Everyone knows that they have a very hard time tolerating the delta strain. I want to say that everyone who received this therapy successfully gave birth to healthy children. None of those to whom we applied this therapy ended up in the hospital, despite the fact that their risks were very, very high due to concomitant pathology. At the beginning of autumn, we expanded the use of monoclonal antibodies to other groups of patients who have severe concomitant diseases, created for this a whole system of five outpatient centers, the so-called short-term hospitals, “added the deputy mayor.

Two of these outpatient centers, according to Anastasia Rakova, were created on the basis of leading hospitals – 52 and the hospital in Kommunarka – and three on the basis of city polyclinics.

“Since November, we have started using monoclonal antibodies in children who also have serious concomitant diseases, and have created the same short-term hospital at the Bashlyaeva hospital. During this period, 1200 people received such therapy, and it went very well for all of them, ”the deputy mayor said.

New drugs have already proven their effectiveness: doctors note the rapid neutralization of the virus and an improvement in the condition. In addition, no undesirable side effects have been reported.

Treatment regimens based on drug therapy with monoclonal antibodies are used at the onset of the disease for patients at risk, whose condition allows for treatment at home.

A single digital platform that analyzes data helps doctors determine the possibility of a severe course of COVID-19 electronic medical record… Such patients are taken for special control and, if necessary, are sent for examination and treatment to a day hospital of polyclinics or a short-term hospital in city hospitals. Therapy with new drugs takes several hours. The patients are delivered to the place of the procedure and home by special vehicles.

First of all, treatment with monoclonal antibodies is prescribed for pregnant women, as well as for adults and children with certain chronic diseases, including obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, and weakened immunity. The physician determines whether the patient has indications for such therapy, and the medical commission prescribes the procedure no later than seven days from the onset of the disease. The state of the sick on outpatient treatment is monitored by employees of polyclinics and a telemedicine center.

Monoclonal antibodies work in a similar way to antibodies that the immune system makes to fight infection. Treatment with such drugs helps the body fight COVID-19 even before the immune system starts producing its own antibodies. This therapy is used successfully in many countries, including the USA, France and Germany.

Moscow began to use a new therapy for the treatment of COVID-19Moscow is introducing a new method of treating coronavirus infection in children at risk

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