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28 December 2021, 09:01

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A still from the cartoon “Umka”. Directed by V. Pekar and V. Popov. 1969 year

“Moschino” invites you to recall the plots of your favorite cartoons from childhood on the January holidays. Screenings will take place in five cinemas of the chain: Iskra, Polet, Saturn, Tula and Sputnik.

The Moschino cinema network has prepared a retrospective of Soviet cartoons on winter themes for the New Year holidays. From January 3 to January 8, you will be able to watch animated films on which several generations have grown up on the big screen.

“The program included such cartoons as“ The Snow Queen ”,“ Umka ”,“ Washer! Washer! ”,“ Santa Claus and Summer ”,“ The Nutcracker ”. In each of them, the plot is associated with winter or New Year. Screenings will be free, to visit you must first register for the event at

website “Moschino”… A detailed schedule is also published there, “- said Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow.

Screenings will take place in five cinemas of the chain: Iskra, Polet, Saturn, Tula and Sputnik. Children of any age and their parents, as well as fans of Russian animation, are invited to film screenings.

Visitors are required to maintain social distance and wear masks. The occupancy of the halls will not exceed 50 percent of the total number of seats.

The New Year’s program will be opened by showing the cartoon “The Snow Queen” (1957, directed by Lev Atamanov) at the Iskra cinema. This is a Soviet film adaptation of the tale of the same name by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, recognized as a masterpiece of world animation. According to the plot, the brother and sister, trying to while away the frosty winter evening, listened to the stories of the grandmother about the Snow Queen. Gerda was frightened by a sorceress who could send a blizzard, and Kai, in order to calm her down, joked at the mistress of winter. Hearing his words, the Snow Queen rushed the boy away to her icy domain and turned his kind heart into a piece of ice. Gerda will have to save her brother from the curse and rescue him from captivity.

It is curious that the Snow Queen was drawn by rotoscoping from the voice actress Maria Babanova. The make-up Babanova was first filmed, and then the resulting images were transferred frame by frame into drawings. That is why the image of the queen differs from the images of other characters in the picture. The legendary cartoon will be shown on January 3 at 12:00. You will also be able to see the film adaptation of the fairy tale at the Tula cinema on January 6 at 12:15 pm.

In addition, on the January holidays it will be possible to watch selections of short Soviet cartoons. The first will begin with the film “Santa Claus and Summer” (1969, director Valentin Karavaev). Santa Claus on the eve of the New Year went to distribute gifts to children and suddenly learned from them about the summer. Living in the North, in the land of eternal frosts and snows, the wizard never saw any green grass, or frogs, or butterflies. He spent the whole winter dreaming of summer and now returned to the city to finally look at the mysterious season with his own eyes. The next in the selection is the cartoon “The Wolf – the Gray Tail” (1983, directed by Galina Barinova). It tells the story of a fox who went for a trick so as not to share delicious fish with the wolf. The film is based on the Russian folk tale “The Fox-Sister and the Wolf”.

Further in the selection – the cartoon “Umka” (1969, directors Vladimir Pekar and Vladimir Popov). This is a touching story of friendship between a polar bear and a boy. The film show will end with the continuation of the adventures of the clubfoot kid – “Umka is looking for a friend” (1970). Now Umka needs to find his friend, who left with the rest of the people. The bear cub goes in search of the polar station. The short films will be shown at the Polet cinemas on January 4 at 12:00 and Tula on January 7 at 12:00.

Another selection of short-length Russian cartoons will also be broadcast in Moschino. Film screenings will take place on January 5 at 12:00 at Saturn and on January 8 at 12:00 at Sputnik. First, the big screen will show the picture “Puck! Washer! ” (1964, director Boris Dezhkin). In the center of events are the arrogant hockey players and the yard team who decided to play a match. After that you will be able to watch the fairy tale “The Silver Hoof” (1977, directed by Gennady Sokolsky). It tells about an old man and an orphan girl who found a kid in the forest with a magic hoof that can knock out precious stones.

The last in the second selection is the cartoon “The Nutcracker” (1973, directed by Boris Stepantsev), based on the fairy tale of the German writer Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King”. The girl, cleaning under the Christmas tree, found an abandoned nutcracker – a toy with which to crack nuts. The Nutcracker came to life and told her about his fate: that he was actually a prince, but the queen of mice put a curse on him. Soon he will have to give battle to the mouse army led by the Mouse King – the grown-up son of that same insidious queen.

Moschino is an institution within the Moscow Department of Culture that manages a network of 13 city cinemas. They annually organize film screenings for memorable dates, hold art festivals, premiere screenings of new films and meetings with famous directors. The Moschino Cinematheque contains about nine thousand film copies of the classics of Soviet cinema.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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