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Since the inception of the first centers, 350 thousand Muscovites have become their guests (including online).

50 more project centers will appear in the city in 2022 “Moscow longevity”.

“We do not stop the club history of“ Moscow Longevity ”, this year there are already 20 such clubs, they will be in almost every district. We will open 50 more such centers next year – this is a big program. So it will be closer to home, it will give more opportunities, “- said

Sergei Sobyaninwhile visiting the city club for the older generation “Vykhino”.

The Moscow Mayor talked with the leaders of the clubs of interest and congratulated the older generation of Muscovites on the upcoming New Year: “I would like to wish you a Happy New Year, wish you more optimism and vitality so that you infect others with a good mood and your energy, joy and smile.”

The Vykhino Center for Moscow Longevity has been operating for the third month – it was opened in October this year. It is located in a two-storey annex to a residential building at the address: Ryazansky Prospekt, 64, building 2. The branch of the territorial center of social services and the district government work in the same building. In one place, citizens of the older generation can receive a full range of social services, as well as help and advice on other emerging issues.

The total area of ​​the premises occupied by the center is 650 square meters. An individual approach to each participant and sincere service are among the main tasks of the center staff.

Salt cave, home theater and warm conversations

In the center of Moscow longevity “Vykhino”, the most open and friendly atmosphere has been created. Unlike traditional institutions of social protection, there are no closed offices in the centers of Moscow longevity. At the entrance, visitors are greeted by assistants-consultants who help to orient themselves and get the necessary services.

The assembly hall is intended for the organization of performances, concerts, creative meetings and other events with a large number of participants.

In the multifunctional gym, you can practice yoga, qigong gymnastics, participate in training, dance and master martial arts. For health improvement, those who wish can visit the salt cave.

In the noisy living room, large companies can play billiards, table tennis, checkers, video and computer games, or just chat.

They play chess, read and hold literary evenings in the quiet living room. There are several meeting rooms for privacy and one-to-one conversations.

The media lounge is a home theater and space for small group activities such as blogging, computer science, and finance. Everyone who loves to sew, knit, sculpt, paint and craft gathers in creative workshops. A culinary studio was also opened here.

Now, in the center of Moscow longevity “Vykhino”, there are 30 online and offline clubs with more than 500 members.

Most often, Muscovites choose dance, vocal, billiard and health clubs. In December, a fishing club called “On the Hook” was opened, the participants of which gather for meetings from all over the SEAD. Many clubs appeared long before the opening of the center, and now their members are happy with the comfortable conditions created for them by the city in the centers of Moscow longevity. There is also a unique club for the hearing impaired in the Vykhino center. There are plans to create clubs for lovers of karaoke, theater and healthy lifestyle.

Interest clubs

The first city club for older people, the Moscow Longevity Center (formerly My Social Center), was opened in July 2019. Today they work in many districts of the capital, including Alekseevsky, Bibirevo, Biryulevo Zapadnoe, Brateevo (two objects), Vykhino-Zhulebino, Kotlovka, Lomonosovsky, Maryina Roscha, Mitino, Nekrasovka, Preobrazhenskoe, Severny, Sokolniki, Tagansky, Chertanovo Severnoye, Yuzhnoye Butovo and South Tushino. They were also opened in the city of Moskovsky, the settlement of Shchapovsky and the village of Kiev.

To locate the centers, existing premises are used, which are in city ownership or rented. Before the opening of the centers, they carry out repairs there and equip them with modern comfortable furniture. The clubs operate on an extraterritorial basis. Every Muscovite of the older generation can be a guest of any of them.

Since the day of their opening, 350 thousand Muscovites have become guests (including online). Among them, approximately 25 percent are men, 75 percent are women. More than 40 percent of the visitors to the centers are new clients of social welfare authorities who have never applied for social services before. The guests of the centers are curious Muscovites of silver age who prefer to have an interesting and active rest.

Leaders of hobby clubs noted that the Moscow Longevity project helps older residents improve their health, discover their talents, do what they love or try a new hobby, make friends and even find love.

To date, almost 900 interest clubs have been created (leisure, healthy lifestyle, development, creativity, technology). But it is equally important that you can come to the centers of Moscow longevity just to relax, communicate with acquaintances and strangers, and find friends.

Usually men create billiards and table tennis clubs. For example, the men’s club “Two Cues” appeared in the Tagansky district. Its participants not only get together to play billiards, but also organize city tournaments.

Women are more interested in healthy lifestyle clubs. Gathering together, they share nutritional recipes, yoga, Pilates and breathing practices. For example, the healthy lifestyle club “Culture of Health” in the “Preobrazhenskoye” center, organized by Marina Lukina, went online during the pandemic, not only did not lose its members, but also increased their number: more than 50 residents of different districts gather weekly to meet with like-minded people and learn new information about a healthy lifestyle.

Both couples and individual members can attend dance clubs. For example, in Northern Chertanovo such a club was organized by the spouses Galina and Nikolai Sharikov, who have been dancing for more than seven years.

In a number of centers, theater clubs have been opened, where those who wish can join this kind of art.

On the initiative of the participants, foreign language clubs appear (English, Spanish, French), in which you can practice by communicating with each other.

The centers host meetings of intellectual clubs (Philosophers, Astronomers and others), animal lovers’ clubs, and gardening communities.

Next year, the network of city clubs “Center of Moscow Longevity” should be replenished with 50 more points in different districts of the capital.

Centers of Moscow longevity in a pandemic

Close communication of pensioners had to be limited due to the pandemic, but interest in the project did not disappear, and classes continue in a new format, Sergei Sobyanin noted.

Beginning in March 2020, many hobby clubs created on the basis of Moscow longevity centers have transferred their meetings to an online format. During this time, more than 11.6 thousand remote events were held. “In Moscow, we still found that golden mean to preserve people’s health, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, live a normal life,” said the Moscow Mayor. – The situation, of course, is difficult – a pandemic, problems and so on, but now the city has one of the lowest covid indicators. Over the last week, a very serious decrease, but nevertheless, you need to take care of yourself, you need to get vaccinated. Anyway, we live in such a situation – there is a real danger. “

A number of online projects have been created, including:

– the project “Master the Gadget” (since September 2020) – more than four thousand older people have received assistance in mastering gadgets, over 300 online classes have been recorded, which can be viewed on the YouTube channel “My Social Center”;

– “Fairy Tales to Grandchildren” project (since October 2020) – 450 project participants have recorded more than 250 videos and over 300 audio recordings for their grandchildren, as well as for children left without parental care (videos can be viewed on the YouTube channel “My Social Center” ) – the project gained popularity not only in Russia, but also in the Netherlands, becoming part of an international multimedia project;

– the project of the contact center “Sincere Care” (since October 2020) – the operators of the contact center called over 40 thousand elderly lonely and lonely Muscovites, inquired about their well-being, each was offered social assistance and informed about the online activities of Moscow longevity centers;

– The Life Line memoirism lovers club (since January 2021) – it was organized jointly with the Main Archive Directorate of the city of Moscow, over 300 people take part in online meetings, more than 30 people have already written memoirs about their lives;

– project “Morning Exercise” – more than 30 healthy lifestyle activists conducted over 300 online classes, which were attended by more than seven thousand people.

In addition, in April – May of this year, a healthy lifestyle game “Petals of Spring” was organized, in which over 6.5 thousand people took part. More than one thousand participants were vaccinated during the game, receiving prize points for this.

In November – December 2021, the citywide online event “Games of Our Childhood” was held, in which more than three thousand Muscovites took part.

Dozens of online events take place in the centers every day: master classes, health training, concerts, quests and webinars. For the convenience of older Muscovites, an online club calendar has been created, in which more than 120 of the most interesting club events are published weekly, to which any older Muscovite can join remotely or in person (with a QR code).

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