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In preparation for the New Year and during the holidays, compliance with safety measures is of paramount importance.

When installing the Christmas tree, make sure it is stable. Place a fire extinguisher nearby – it should always be at hand, read the instructions for its use again and be prepared for any emergency situation.

The use of highly flammable jewelry and string lights has a potential fire hazard. A living tree should not be installed near a battery and heating appliances. Avoid using candles and sparklers near her.

It is not recommended to place the tree near the exit from the room: in case of fire, it will turn into an insurmountable obstacle.

When choosing an artificial Christmas tree, give preference to those that have a fireproof impregnation. This information is indicated on the packaging.

An artificial tree or a real one – it’s up to you. The rules for installing a tree do not change from its material.

Garlands must be equipped with fuses, without them, during voltage surges, overheating and fire of the wiring may occur. Never turn on the garland with exposed wires or homemade connections. In addition, the elements of the garland should not come into contact with the “rain”, because the metallized foil can short-circuit the wiring.

The garland must be checked before placing it on the tree. At home, it is recommended to use decorations in which the number of lights does not exceed 50. And do not forget that more than three garlands cannot be plugged into one outlet. If you have any doubts, the garland does not contain at least one light bulb or there are obvious damages – you cannot use such a decoration. Unplug garlands at night and when leaving the premises.

On the eve of the New Year, experts conducted a demonstration experiment on the basis of the Forensic Institute of the Test Fire Laboratory of the Federal Fire Service for the Khabarovsk Territory. At the same time, it was possible to clearly demonstrate how dangerous New Year’s fun is. Laboratory staff recreated a model of a room with New Year’s decorations. A Christmas tree decorated with garlands, balls and tinsel was installed on the carpet. Under it, experts have kneaded a pyrotechnic product of the second hazard class “fountain”. Observing the necessary precautions, a trained employee in a firefighter’s uniform set fire to the fuse. Literally before our eyes, the artificial tree caught fire. Any violation of fire safety rules can lead to tragedy.

Pyrotechnics must be of high quality and certified. The packaging must be intact, dry, with an indicated and clearly readable expiration date, date of manufacture and instructions for use. Any product must be installed on a flat horizontal surface. When starting the pyrotechnic product, you must move to a safe distance.

According to statistics, in the first decade of January of this year, 33 fires occurred, 3 people were injured due to violation of the rules for handling pyrotechnic products. Last year there were more than 40 fires, 6 injured – for previous years the figures are similar.

The current legislation provides for liability for fire and damage. When causing minor harm to human health, or minor damage to property, the offense will be considered within the framework of administrative legislation with the imposition of a fine for individuals in the amount of 4-5 thousand rubles. In the case of the same. In case of serious harm to health, death of a person, or in case of damage from a fire of 250 thousand rubles or more, the perpetrator will be sanctioned by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation up to imprisonment.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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