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Olivier salad is seasoned with Moscow mayonnaise, sausages made in the city are sent for slicing, and Santa Claus treats children with Moscow sweets.

New Year’s Eve gathers at one table not only relatives, friends and relatives, but also traditional dishes, without which, it seems, this holiday will not come. At the same time, few people think that in addition to proven family recipes, Moscow enterprises participate in the New Year’s menu, whose goods are regularly bought by citizens in stores.

Read the article on what products made in the capital can be found on the table on New Year’s Eve.

Main gas station

Each family prepares their signature dishes for the feast, but almost always New Year is Olivier and herring under a fur coat, which have become almost dear to many. Both salads cannot do without mayonnaise. The sauce has many varieties that are suitable not only for salads, but also, for example, for stuffed eggs or tomatoes. It is even added to biscuit dough for fluffiness.

You can cook mayonnaise yourself, but, for example, for baking products with this sauce, cooks are advised to use industrial options. They will not disintegrate when heated.

In Moscow, mayonnaise is produced by the Skit company, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2020.

Meat delicacies

Another frequent guest of the New Year’s table is sausages. They are added to salads, put on sandwiches or made as an independent snack. Moscow enterprises produce sausages, sausages, pates, meat chips and other delicacies from different types of meat.

Some of the most famous manufacturers are the Ostankino meat processing plant (founded in 1954), the Cherkizovsky meat processing plant (operating since 1974) and the Dymov company (founded in 2001). The last two enterprises today have status of industrial complexes… It gives companies a number of preferences and tax incentives. Among them are benefits for property tax, income tax, land tax, rent payments and others. To obtain the status, enterprises must meet certain requirements: actively invest in their development, expand production and create new jobs.

Cheese without holes

Soft and melted cheeses are important ingredients in many holiday dishes. They are present not only in the Soviet culinary classics, but also in modern tartlets, canapes, desserts and soups that refer to the French tradition. Such cheeses help to bring zest to New Year’s dishes and at the same time not go beyond the family budget.

The most famous Moscow producer of processed cheese is the Karat plant, which has been operating since 1934. It was here in 1960 that the recipe for “Druzhba” cheese was developed, and for 60 years it has practically not changed. They also make special-purpose products, for example, for Russian cosmonauts.

In 2021 “Karat” got industrial complex status. This made it possible to reduce the corporate income tax rate from 17 to 12.5 percent. The plant can use the saved funds to upgrade equipment, infrastructure and reconstruction of production facilities.

Fish and seafood

Every New Year in our country they repeat the famous phrase about jellied fish, and a rare festive night passes without fish dishes and seafood. The must have menu – that is, what must be on the table – includes lightly salted salmon, herring, red caviar and crab sticks. These are the main ingredients for salads, sandwiches and cold cuts.

And if you want to surprise your guests, you can put a paella or shrimp cocktail on the table. Finally, the familiar Olivier salad can be prepared according to the historical recipe – with crayfish tails.

The Moscow supplier of fish for the New Year’s table is the Meridian company, founded in 1978. Its assortment began with Baltic sprat and sturgeon, but today it has expanded significantly: from seaweed to red caviar. In 2019, the enterprise also received the status of an industrial complex. Such companies receive tax breaks and the saved funds can be used for their development.

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For sweet

New Year’s sandwiches are impossible without fresh bread, and Moscow today is the largest bread and confectionery producer in the country. Bakery products are produced by 18 specialized enterprises, one of the most famous is the Cheryomushki confectionery and bakery plant, which has been operating since 1973. From there, buns and cheesecakes, cakes and pastries are sent to the counters. In 2016, the city awarded the plant the status of an industrial complex. Thanks to this, the company was able to invest the saved money in the construction of a new workshop. In the spring of 2020, the plant launched first stage of the new workshop: two lines for the production of hearth and mold bread with a capacity of 50 tons per day.

Moscow producers offer a lot of options for holiday desserts. Many sweets that Santa Claus gives children are made in the capital. There are 14 manufacturers of chocolate, sweets and other confectionery products in the city. Some enterprises are more than a dozen years old.

For example, the Babaevsky concern has been producing sweets for 217 years, and the Rot Front factory celebrated its 195th anniversary: ​​recently it has its own line for processing cocoa beans. “Krasny Oktyabr” produces the famous “Alenka”, sweets “Mishka kosolapy”, “Little Red Riding Hood” and others. All factories that are part of the United Confectioners holding received the status of an industrial complex and enjoy benefits from the city. But there are new names in this market: for example, the French Kiss company is known for making whole bouquets of sweets.

This year, for the New Year holidays, the capital’s confectionery factories prepared more than three thousand tons of sweets… They began to prepare for the holidays back in September, and this year they delivered more than 60 variants of New Year’s sets to Moscow stores.

Full glasses

The story about the festive table of Muscovites, like any New Year’s toast, should end with drinks. This is not only champagne, in which cherished desires are drowned, but also juices – for example, from the Lianozovsky combine. The company recently signed an offset contract with the city for production of drinks for dairy kitchens… More than two billion rubles will be invested in the expansion of production.

For many years, lemonades, tonics and other carbonated drinks from Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have been popular among Muscovites. Their factories are also located in the capital and today supply dozens of types of their products to shops and restaurants.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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