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The squares, streets and parks of the capital were decorated with a thousand New Year trees and more than four thousand decorative lighting structures.

Moscow loves to dress up, especially on holidays, and New Year is the time when it can afford the most striking images. Necklaces of colored lights, decorations from installations and glittering decorations – this year, more than four thousand different light structures have been mounted on the streets of the city.

At the same time, the capital’s festive wardrobe does not have to be updated annually – talented decorators easily construct new images from the existing elements. Over the past few years, experts have collected an extensive collection of lighting and decorative designs. All of them are multifunctional and last from three to five years on average. publishes essential facts about New Year’s Moscow for those planning to take a stroll around the city in search of festive mood decorations and photographs.

Fact number 1. Thousand Christmas trees

Christmas trees have become an integral part of the holiday in Moscow since the middle of the 19th century. Then they were sold in pastry shops dressed in advance – with apples, sweet figurines and walnuts in gold leaf. By the beginning of the twentieth century, a whole tradition had already developed around the tree: poems and songs were dedicated to it, round dances were performed around it. At the same time, the famous song “A Christmas tree was born in the forest”, written by Leonid Beckman on the verses of Raisa Kudasheva, appeared.

By the 21st century, elegant Christmas trees have become a familiar part of the New Year’s urban landscape – this winter, more than a thousand festive fir trees have adorned Moscow streets. Artificial trees with a height of six to 25 meters were installed in the center and districts – on the most popular walking routes, in parks, squares and other crowded places.

The main New Year’s tree in Russia this year was brought from Shchelkovo near Moscow. By tradition, it was installed on the Cathedral Square of the Kremlin. The 90-year-old tree, almost 28 meters high, has been selected from several dozen applicants since last spring.

Fact number 2. The brightest square

With the onset of dusk, millions of holiday lights light up on Moscow streets – almost two thousand light consoles have been installed on lanterns throughout the city. The garlands are shaped like Christmas tree decorations, snowflakes and frosty patterns.

The most festively decorated was the Theater Square. Glowing trees, round openwork arches, a mask and a fan were installed there – a total of 40 installations.

More than 100 elements have decorated the Garden Ring. Glowing trees “grow” on Kudrinskaya Square, Smolensky Boulevard, Sadovaya-Karetnaya, Sadovaya-Samotechnaya and other streets. You can take a photo near the numbers 2022 at Taganskaya and Smolenskaya squares. And large luminous gifts with a Christmas tree inside were installed on Krasnye Vorota Square and Sadovaya-Samotechnaya Street.

By the way, energy-saving LED lamps are used in New Year’s illumination. They practically do not increase the load on the power grid. Such garlands are safe for people and are designed to work in the capricious Moscow winter.

Fact number 3. Parade of luminous arches

Eight luminous arches appeared in the center of Moscow this winter. They can be found on Tverskaya, Manezhnaya and Pushkinskaya squares, in Kamergersky and Gazetny lanes, on Kuznetsky Most, in Novopushkinsky square and on Revolution Square. More than half a million LED lamps are lit in all of these arches. The largest structure is on Tverskaya Square. It is an arch 62 meters wide and 20 meters high.

Another 28 New Year’s decorations can be found on the Boulevard Ring. There are tunnels, figures and other decorations on Nikitsky and Gogolevsky boulevards, as well as on Myasnitskiye Vorota square. The longest tunnel was installed on Tverskoy Boulevard – its total length is more than 150 meters.

Festive walks in the fresh air are a long-standing Moscow tradition. In Soviet times, during school holidays, events, competitions and games were organized in the streets and parks. From the mid-1950s, New Year’s festivities began to be held in the Taynitsky Garden of the Kremlin. They put up a Christmas tree with illumination, sold gifts and treats.

In addition, the children enjoyed spending their holidays in Sokolniki, where the town of a pioneer and a schoolchild worked, and at the stadium in Luzhniki, performances were staged for them.

Fact number 4. Giant Christmas tree ball

For several years now, the most remarkable decoration of Poklonnaya Gora has become huge Christmas ball… The structure is 20 meters high and consists of 176 thousand LEDs. Its diameter is 17 meters, and its weight is about 35 tons. Inside it you can watch a light and music show.

For the first time, a similar ball appeared back in 2014 on Manezhnaya Square, but then it was almost twice as low. Later, the structure moved to a new location.

More than 60 light structures were installed in Victory Park and on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. This is a 25-meter spruce, and voluminous dancing figures, and light trees with stars. And at the Arc de Triomphe, guests are greeted by the figures of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden.

Fact number 5. Jewelry with registration

Permanent places of winter registration are not only at the ball on Poklonnaya Gora. Every year, New Year’s characters with fabulous sleighs appear at the Arc de Triomphe, and large portals glow in the central squares. To add variety to the festive decor, new ensembles are made up of light structures or their locations are changed every year.

However, the most favorite jewelry Muscovites sometimes ask return back… This happened with the figures of polar bears, which were installed on the Rostokinsky aqueduct on the eve of 2019. The next year they moved to Gorky Park, but in 2020, by popular demand, the composition “Umka” was returned to North-Eastern Administrative District. Then the townspeople even launched a campaign on social networks – the hashtag #umka returned. Now the installation with a length of 330 meters with a polar bear and bear cubs winters on Prospekt Mira.

The landscaped Yauza park will be decorated with New Year’s illumination for the first timeUmka is back: Polar Bears will again decorate Mira Avenue

Fact number 6. More than a million bulbs

Moscow parks also shone with festive lights. For the first time, New Year’s decorations appeared in the renovated park “Yauza”… More than 100 luminous installations have been installed there: stars, firs, figures of hares and deer, arches and Christmas balls.

Most of the decorations appeared at VDNKh. More than 250 New Year’s structures have been installed there. These are light tunnels and trees, consoles in the form of glasses and snowflakes on lanterns, numbers 2022, animal figures and much more. In total, more than a million bulbs are lit in them. Installations can be seen throughout VDNKh – from the arch of the main entrance to the cascade of Kamenskie ponds and the Ostankino park.

There is a 13-meter spruce at the beginning of the Central Alley. In front of Pavilion No. 1 “Central” there is an installation with a giant clock. For the first time, the hatching circle was decorated with a field of fireflies – it is all dotted with thin LED tubes. In the Michurinsky garden, flower gardens and rose gardens, giant dandelion lamps “grow” in winter, and Ostankino Park is decorated with compositions “Light Forest”, “Bullfinches” and decorations in the form of a flower sky.

Fact number 7. One and a half hundred skating rinks

Another tradition of Muscovites is ice skating, which has always accompanied the New Year holidays. At the end of the 19th century, the first sports society of the city, the Moscow Imperial River Yacht Club, organized masquerade balls on skates on the large pond of the estate on Petrovka. They were popular with young people.

Today, Muscovites of all ages can go ice skating in every district – this winter is open more than 150 artificial ice skating rinks… And more than a thousand hockey rinks are poured in courtyards and school stadiums. True, their work depends on the weather.

The largest Moscow skating rink has been operating at VDNKh for several years already – its area is 20.5 thousand square meters. Ice covers almost the entire Main Alley, skirting the Friendship of Peoples and Stone Flower fountains.

Another 20 artificial ice skating rinks are open in metropolitan parks… The famous skating rink of Gorky Park recently celebrated 90th anniversary, and he was given back the historical name “Mirror”. At the PROLed skating rink in the Hermitage garden you can listen to jazz, at the Polyarny skating rink in the Fili park audio stories of northern peoples are broadcasted, and a tent with reproductions of paintings by famous artists was set up on the skating rink in Perovsky Park.

Sergei Sobyanin spoke about the opening of more than one and a half hundred city skating rinksArtificial turf skating rinks open in Moscow parks

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