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We transform into fairy-tale characters, prepare their favorite dishes and play the game “Guess the ending”.

New Year’s holidays are a great time to relax with your family. And in order to read everything that has been postponed for a long time, to remind children that a book is better than a gadget, to show adolescents what benefits and pleasure literature brings, and to start teaching kids to read on their own. How to do all this and, in addition, have great fun – tell the staff of six Moscow libraries.

Family books and book forfeits

Marina Solomonova, Deputy Director for Library and Information Services, Central City Children’s Library named after A.P. Gaidar

– If you don’t know what to do during your holidays, try organizing a family books campaign at home. To do this, each family member must choose a book on a specific topic, for example, about artists. Let’s say the mother takes the biography of Michelangelo Buonarotti, and the child takes the book “The Boy Who Was Bitten by Picasso” by Anthony Penrose. During and after reading, discuss the works, exchange emotions. We once also held such an action in the library – everyone really liked it, especially the teenagers.

Another interesting pastime is to try to tell about a book in 30 seconds or a minute, without retelling the plot. Then everyone votes, whose story turned out to be more accurate. The winner can be presented with a prize – something tasty. Also, be sure to try playing book forfeits. They compose perfectly even from encyclopedias. Very funny tasks are obtained, for example, about dinosaurs – to depict how they walk, growl, fly.

In addition, I advise you to read by role. If your child is not yet very good at reading, this game will help him a lot – tested. Everyone writes a role on a piece of paper – you can be a character from a book, or you can from life. Warning: choose characters that are interesting to portray, let it be, say, a tired salesman in a supermarket at rush hour or the strictest teacher in school. You can also choose any book for reading – even a reference book on mathematics. Participants draw out the roles and read the book according to them for a minute.

If the child is a dreamer, play with him in composing fairy tales according to the method of Gianni Rodari. Many modern screenwriters also use his techniques. Take any fairy tale and try to come up with what happened to the characters next, or a fairy tale “vice versa.” What would happen if Little Red Riding Hood was evil and the wolf was kind? What if Snow White went not to the seven dwarfs, but to the seven giants?

“Guess the ending” and reading aloud

Advised by Anna Avgustinovskaya, librarian of the 1st category of library No. 68

– I suggest playing Guess the Ending, which develops imagination very well. First, read the story together that no family member is familiar with, and then take turns suggesting your ending. And be sure to assign a prize – either for the most unusual ending, or for the final closest to the author’s.

Children, especially primary school students, love to read with their parents. Vacations are a great excuse to sit together on the couch and read to each other some interesting new book. Personally, I recommend “I don’t like the New Year” by Irina Zartayskaya. This is a story about a girl who hates Christmas trees and gifts. But one day something unexpected, truly magical, happens to her.

Time capsule and board game

Advised by Olga Zaitseva, librarian of the 1st category of library No. 172

– You can throw a book party at home on vacation. Let everyone take their favorite book. Then read your favorite passages out loud – it’s incredibly close. And you can also record the reading on a voice recorder, make your own audiobook, and then post it on your pages on social networks. By the way, offer the record to your regional library – I am sure its staff will gladly publish your work on their pages. For example, we are always open to such cooperation.

I can also offer a mystical-fantasy pastime – fortune-telling from a book. It’s very simple: ask a question, open a book on any page, blindly select a line and read it aloud. The coincidences you may find about your situation are sometimes overwhelming. And if you come across an incomprehensible gibberish instead of an answer, try to interpret it somehow with the whole family. Believe me, it will be a lot of fun.

Try to put a time capsule – send a letter to yourself in the future. What is needed for that? The capsule itself can be made from anything – it can be any jar, box, or even a yogurt glass, the main thing is to decorate it. Then write down on paper and put inside the commitments of each family member – for example, to read a certain work or number of books. And a year later, print the capsule and check what came out of the plan.

You can also create your own board game based on the book, make a cube and chips, come up with rules related to the plot. I can immediately suggest an idea for a game based on the book by Alan Milne “Winnie the Pooh and everything, everything, everything”: if a player enters a cell where the hero falls from a tree, then he misses a move.

Home theater and letters to heroes

Natalya Klyuchnikova, head of library number 138, advises

– Try to arrange a home theater – during the preparation of the performance, creativity develops, shyness is overcome, emotions are splashed out. Choose a fairy tale, read it, discuss it, make scenery and costumes from the materials at hand, and then act out the scenes. By the way, not only children, but also adults can participate in them.

Now, when we use the achievements of technology in all areas of our life, we have completely forgotten about letters written by our own hand. I think it is very useful to remember the epistolary genre and write a letter to the fairytale hero. Be sure to have a beautiful handwriting – I advise you to watch some calligraphy training video together. For a child, especially a younger student, this is what you need. Calligraphy develops fine motor skills, creativity, and fosters perseverance.

Shadow theater and own comic strip

Olga Khlystova, Head of Library No. 266, advises

– I will share one very simple game, from which, believe me, it is simply impossible to tear yourself away. Open the book and start competing with the whole family – who will find the syllables “ma”, “pa” or others in three minutes more than anyone else. This, by the way, is very useful – literacy develops in children. At first glance, it might seem like fun for little ones, but don’t jump to conclusions. Teenagers very easily join the game, they are ready to sit like this for a long time.

Together with teenagers, you can try to create your own comic based on an event from a book or family life. And with kids, you can make a book with interesting details – for example, opening windows.

But the most interesting thing, in my opinion, is the shadow theater. We often arrange it in the library and always recommend it as a leisure time at home. The last time we staged a play based on Julia Donaldson’s fairy tale “Gruffalo”. Everything is very simple: make a screen out of scrap materials (a sheet is suitable), cut out figures of characters (you can draw or print them). Direct the lamp from behind the screen – and you’re done. Fantasy will tell you the rest.

The food of literary heroes and the book as a sleeping pill

Advised by Nadezhda Krasnova, Leading Librarian of Library No. 111

– Have you ever tried to cook what the literary heroes of fairy tales and stories eat? I’m sure not. My advice to you: be sure to do it. When else to do this, if not on vacation?

Try creating a literary menu for the week. For example, on Monday you cook meatballs, which Carlson loved so much from Astrid Lindgren’s book, and for dessert you make cakes for the heir to Tutti from “Three Fat Men” by Yuri Olesha. On Tuesday, you can read “Watermelon Lane” from “Denis’s Tales” by Viktor Dragunsky and dine on milk noodles, and on weekends, treat yourself to donuts with raspberry jam, which Mary Poppins adored.

I also want to share useful information with you. Scientists have noted that books improve sleep and relieve stress. Just six minutes of reading before bed will work better than a cup of herbal tea or relaxing music, so I suggest you swap out your gadgets for literature. And the children will definitely take an example from you.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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