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Almost every person once had or has their own talisman. They can be anything, but they all bring good luck to their owners. Rescuers EMERCOM of Russia are no exception. They also have talismans, not only at home, but also at work.

Nowadays, you can often find four-legged friends in fire departments and rescue centers. Almost all of them have been in trouble at one time, have been rescued and nursed by their saviors. And now they are loyal and reliable talismans for the fighters against the fire element.

So, once the firefighters of the Smolensk region, while driving to the fire of a wooden house, noticed a booth standing nearby, and in it a tiny puppy was trembling and whining with fear.

“The fire was liquidated. And so, a new “fighter” is driving in a fire engine – the same puppy, wrapped in a combat jacket, shaking from the cold. We took him to a new house, ”- firefighters 36 of the fire and rescue department of the town of Pochinka, Smolensk region, recall with trepidation.

Little Bertha, as the new friend was named, was treated with wounds, poured milk into a saucer. She joined her new firefighter family and became an integral part of it. Berta sees off the firefighters rushing to help people in trouble, and every time she is waiting for their return. The entire staff treats her with love and affection, Bertha has already become a talisman for them. Before each watch, firefighters scratch her by the ear and feed her with “tasty treats”, and she brings them good luck.

“Recently, our regiment arrived. Berta gave birth to a son, whom we named Mishka. He is ready to go to a new home. But there is one big “BUT” here. We are ready to hand it over not just to good hands, but to one of the fire departments of the Smolensk region as a talisman, “said the head of the unit, Alexander Bashkirin.

The hydrant cat, known throughout Russia, receives close attention and delicious delicacies from firefighters. For almost 3 years, the rescued pet has been living in the fire station No. 111 of the Novosibirsk region. Every day, the cat meets and sees off the fire brigades, protects the nearest territory of the fire post from mice, and also helps to relieve stress during the period of difficult service, to conduct psychological relaxation, and creates comfort.

On October 1, 2018, he could have died in a major fire in a warehouse at a plastic pipe factory in a village in the Novosibirsk region. Thanks to the prompt actions of the fire and rescue units, as well as the caring attitude towards animals, the cat was miraculously saved. The surviving kitten, who breathed heavily in smoke, was given water to drink and warmed, after which he was sheltered at the local fire department. The cat received an unusual nickname because there was an acute shortage of fire hydrants during the fire, a lot of water was required to extinguish the fire.

Despite the fact that the Ministry of Emergency Situations does not have a special service that specifically deals with the rescue of animals, residents are increasingly turning to firefighters and rescuers with a request to help our younger brothers. So, in November 2019, in Stary Oskol, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations helped the puppy to get out of the metal loop.

Workers of one of the enterprises contacted the fire station No. 57 of the city of Stary Oskol. On their territory, they found a puppy, which, as an infant, accidentally fell into a metal bracket. The puppy could not take it off and for a long time continued to walk with a metal loop around his neck. But as the puppy matured, the brace increasingly squeezed the animal’s neck, bringing him severe torment, and had already deeply eaten into the animal’s skin. Employees of the fire and rescue unit, after examining the brought puppy, decided to use a hydraulic rescue tool to free the animal. With extreme care, so as not to harm the little “victim”, they cut the metal brace and released the puppy from the strangling noose. After that, the firefighters treated the wound left by the brace on the animal’s neck and fed the rescued person.

The brought puppy was homeless, but the firefighters could not leave him homeless. One of the unit’s employees, Maxim Zuev, after consulting with his family, decided to take it for himself – now the rescued puppy has its own home and a loving owner with a kind heart.

Now, two years later, already an adult dog – the beautiful Nika continues to live in the family of a firefighter. She has a loving friend – the son of a firefighter, with whom they grow up together and spend all their free time.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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