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One of the main tasks of the rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia is to always be ready for actions to save people in trouble, including ensuring the safety of tourists vacationing in mountainous areas.

In 2021 rescuers of the Elbrus rescue team of the EMERCOM of Russia 167 search and rescue operations were carried out, 168 people were rescued.

During the New Year and Christmas holidays, more than 70 thousand people rested in the Elbrus region. Only since the beginning of the year, the rescuers of Kabardino-Balkaria have carried out 9 search and rescue operations. Since the beginning of the year, 16 groups registered with the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations have traveled in the Republic along mountain tourist routes, these are more than 200 tourists and climbers.

Depending on seasonal risks, rescuers are constantly practicing their skills in responding to various emergency situations related to search and rescue operations.

So, the mountain slopes of Kabardino-Balkaria at this time of the year are very popular. Rescuers of the Elbrus rescue team conducted a training session on a vertical glacier in the Cherek Gorge. Such training allows rescuers of the search and rescue unit “Nalchik” of the Elbrus high-mountainous PSO of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia to consolidate the techniques and skills for saving people. Frozen streams of water are the best suited for practicing climbing and descending on the ice terrain.

“During the training, the rescuers worked out the technique of passing a vertical ice route to a height of about 15 meters. Movement on the ice presents significant difficulties: it is fragile and easily chipped,” said the head of the Nalchik rescue station, 1st class rescuer Mukhammat Guliyev.

In North Ossetia, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situationsworked out the skills to rescue and transport the victims on the slope of the ski resort. In winter, rescuers regularly have to transport athletes who were injured during the descent.

According to the plan of the exercise, a skier who injured her leg needed help. Rescuers gave the girl first aid and lowered her down on a special stretcher – Akye.

Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations also worked out their skills in rescuing people from the cable car. The evacuation of passengers from the cable car is an extreme measure, however, you also need to be prepared for it: power outages and malfunctions of the backup diesel engine can occur at any time. Evacuation by cable car requires special attention and high professionalism. As a rule, such work takes place in difficult weather conditions. In addition, specialists need to quickly and carefully remove tourists from the cabins at a height of tens of meters above the ground.

In addition, within the framework of the exercises, rescuers also practiced actions to search for people caught in an avalanche using beepers. For a person caught in an avalanche, such a device can give a real chance of salvation. An avalanche beacon emits or receives signals at a specific frequency.

Mountains are a place of increased danger to human life and health. Therefore, the EMERCOM of Russia recommends that tourist groups and individual tourists register their routes.

Yes, as a result avalanche in the mountains of the Tunkinsky district of the Republic of Buryatia 2 people from an unregistered group were injured. Of these, 1 person was injured and one person died. Late at night, rescuers reached the scene and provided the victim with the necessary assistance. But it was not possible to evacuate the man on foot from the hard-to-reach rocky terrain, and therefore it was decided to bring in a Mi-8 helicopter. In total, 36 people and 4 pieces of equipment were involved in search and rescue operations.

It is necessary to notify the rescuers about the trip 10 working days before the start of the route. An application for registration of groups or single tourists is submitted using a special online form on the official websites of the territorial bodies of the EMERCOM of Russia. You can also register by sending a notification by mail, including e-mail, or by calling the territorial division of the department at the place of the planned trip.

At the same time, in the application for registration, it is necessary to indicate the composition and number of participants, leaders, contact numbers, detailed information about the route, dates of the start and end of the movement, dangerous stages of the route.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia also reminds that before entering the route, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia recommends that you take out medical insurance with coverage against possible risks, take a satellite phone or satellite GPS tracker with you, and think over a plan of action in a critical situation.

In addition, tourists first of all need to be guided by the favor of the weather. Equipment must be carefully thought out based on the characteristics of the landscape and climate. The training of all members of the group is of great importance: the life and health of tourists depends on the ability to act in emergency situations.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and/or sentence structure not be perfect.

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