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Members of the Yunarmiya prepared a number of the most pressing questions about Internet fraud, cyberbullying and phishing for the experts of the Safe Internet League.

At the same time, the guys learned a lot about digital literacy, how scammers make us lose our vigilance and why this happens, the concept of “extremist content”, as well as its negative impact on the audience.

“Internet fraud, bullying, or as it is called, cyberbullying, poses a great threat in the modern world. The victims are not only older people who do not know the schemes of deception so well, but also young people, teenagers who know a lot about the Internet and that it is full of scammers. That is why we, the members of the Yunarmiya, consider it our duty to once again point out the main dangers that lie in wait for the guys in the network, ”junkor Vlada Korol emphasized.

Every resident of the country who has a telephone or Internet access has at least once encountered scammers. They pretend to be bank employees, police officers, they even pretend to be friends and relatives. They have one goal – to steal your personal data and use it for their criminal purposes, as well as to steal money.

“Technology does not stand still and fraudsters, unfortunately, quickly learn to use them against law-abiding citizens of our country. The media do not get tired of talking about new “schemes”, warning people “not to be carried out”, but the attackers immediately invent something new. However, all this has common features, which the experts told us and all the participants of the lesson, ”explained Polina Bazarova, a member of the Youth Army.

Fraudsters always try to use the victim’s fear of losing their money against him, or they rely on people’s greed. That is why in a conversation or correspondence with strangers you need to be extremely vigilant.

Cyberbullying and trolling are especially dangerous for young people, as they are often the ones who are bullied online and are most sensitive to it.

“If you are a victim of bullying, then the main rule is “do not feed the troll”. No need to prove anything, that’s what they want. The right decision would be to stop communicating. Do not forget that you are surrounded by relatives, friends, senior comrades who are always ready to help you if you have become a victim of attacks. Do not be silent, tell, because together it is always easier to overcome any troubles. If you have witnessed cyberbullying, do not be silent, do not be afraid and stand up for the victim. Sometimes this is enough to discourage the bully from trolling, because, in fact, they are weaklings and just trying to appear stronger. It is to seem, and not to be, ”junkor Angelina Pluzhnikova assured.

At the same time, the yunkors assured that anyone who faces harassment can turn to the yunkors for support, of which there are already more than a million people across the country. UNARMIA is ready to help everyone!

It is worth noting that before the start of the All-Russian safe Internet lesson, the director of the Safe Internet League, Ekaterina Mizulina, addressed the participants with a welcoming speech, and Nikita Pavlukhin, an expert of the League, and an employee of the Department for Interaction with Civil Society Institutions and the Mass Media (UOS) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, answered the questions of the cadets Sergei Zvyagintsev.

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