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January 28, 2022, 09:13


This year Moscow will create 14 new and improve more than 50 existing dog walking areas.

Sergei Sobyanin invited residents of the capital to take part in the discussion of plans for the modernization of dog playgrounds as part of the city’s Pets in Moscow project. According to him, more than a million dogs live in the apartments of Muscovites today, they are in every fourth family.

“Dog owners have their favorite walking trails and habitual meeting places with like-minded people and friends. But in few places these meetings take place on special dog grounds. And it is no coincidence. There are only 688 public areas for walking and training dogs in the entire huge city. Only a third of pet owners live within walking distance of a dog playground,” the Mayor of Moscow wrote in his blog.

There are no places for special sites in many yards and small parks. And existing dog walking areas are often outdated and uncomfortable.

To change the situation, a pilot project was launched last year as part of the My District program. Together with experts from the Russian Cynological Federation, the concepts of new-format grounds for walking dogs and resting their owners were developed. In the summer, these concepts were actively discussed at meetings with local residents. “It was very important for us to hear the opinion of not only pet lovers, but also those who do not have dogs, in order to ultimately make an informed decision,” the Moscow Mayor wrote.

As a result, four new sites were built in Yasenevo, Severny Medvedkovo, Mozhaisk and Losinoostrovsky districts. These are spaces ranging from five to 30 acres with a lawn, dirt or paved paths.

“If it’s a small area, they don’t overload it with training equipment. If the site has a large enough area, then the training area is equipped with everything necessary for training different breeds of dogs. And their owners can relax and chat, sitting on benches under awnings from snow and rain,” said Sergei Sobyanin.

According to him, the new sites quickly became popular among local residents. This year it is planned to create 14 new and improve more than 50 existing dog playgrounds in all districts of the city.

The Mayor of Moscow offered to discuss each project with pet owners, cynologists and all interested residents.

“I have had dogs by my side throughout my life. I know and love these beautiful and noble animals very well. Let’s make sure that pets are truly comfortable in Moscow, and communication with them brings only positive emotions, ”wrote Sergei Sobyanin.

He instructed the deputies of local self-government to lead the work on discussing the projects. Its result should be projects in which the interests of all residents of the capital will be taken into account as much as possible.

Online Services for Pet Owners

Today, there are a number of online services for pet owners in Moscow. Service on mos.ruallows you to register an animal in any of the 26 state clinics for a veterinarian consultation, vaccination, grooming, diagnostic and laboratory tests, microchipping and registration of veterinary accompanying documents. Users can choose a convenient date and time for the appointment, as well as call a team at home.

A centralized service has also been created to find lost pets. It works on the principle of an electronic bulletin board: it allows you to exchange information about lost and found animals, which significantly increases their chances of quickly returning home.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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