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February 3, 2022, 10:03


After undergoing rehabilitation, animals are released into the wild, transferred to state zoos or to ecological and biological centers.

Last year at the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center Department of nature management and environmental protection of the city of Moscow120 animals were admitted. Among them were a crocodile and a polar fox, six primates, four raccoons, 13 exotic snakes, four foxes, several ducks and dozens of birds of prey – hawks and owls. About half of them are inhabitants of central Russia, the rest are exotic. 58 individuals were adapted and released into the wild.

In total, over the past year, about a thousand calls were received to the number of a single reference service +7 495 777-77-77 with messages about wild animals. Most often, Muscovites talked about foxes, ducks and birds of prey.

In the event that wild animals are found by citizens in residential areas of the city, biologists provide prompt assistance, release animals into natural areas into their natural habitat. During the year, more than 80 individuals were helped in this way. These are young ducks, thrushes, swifts, swallows, diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey, squirrels, foxes, snakes, as well as woodcocks and corncrakes.

In total, about 700 animals visited the rehabilitation center in 2021, including lions, wolves, monkeys and even a tiger. A year ago, the tiger cub Nur entered the hands of specialists in a deplorable state, but today this animal, the symbol of 2022, has grown stronger, has become more trusting of people and has grown noticeably.

Most often, tiger cubs and other large cats come to the center as victims of illegal trade. Animals are often hostages of both human ambitions and the entertainment industry. Little lion cubs and cubs are used for photography and video filming. Someone considers it appropriate to give friends the animal of the year: sometimes it’s a mini pig in the year of the Pig, an exotic snake or dog, and sometimes a tiger.

Often, the owners themselves get rid of an exotic gift, as they cannot cope with it, deal with the conditions of feeding and care. Center staff have come across cases where lion cubs were kept in a garage or left in a carrier in the city center. In addition, there have been more cases of detection of raccoons in the capital. As a rule, they run away from negligent owners. Last spring, the center was replenished with several individuals.

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The Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center is located in the village of Andreikovo, Moscow Region. Its inhabitants live in enclosures and pens on an area of ​​four hectares.

Today, the nursery contains about 600 animals, ranging from parrots, Central Asian turtles, ducks, monkeys and ending with lions, wolves, foxes, snakes and crocodiles. There are also many birds of prey here. The townspeople save the chicks, unknowingly pick up fledglings in the parks – chicks that are just learning to fly – and transfer them to the center’s specialists. These birds undergo rehabilitation, they are fed, they grow up and learn to fly in a spacious aviary. If the birds have injuries, the veterinarian treats them.

After restoration and rearing of such birds, they are released into the wild, usually in the natural areas of the TiNAO. There are many representatives of the local fauna in the nursery – foxes, ducks, snakes and owls. Also during the year, up to 30-40 different exotic snakes enter the center. After undergoing rehabilitation, if possible, they are transferred to state zoos or to ecological and biological centers, where they are provided with the necessary care.

During the pandemic, work on the rehabilitation and care of wild animals continues, taking into account the requirements and recommendations established by federal and regional legislation.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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