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February 3, 2022, 10:02 am


Nine electronic products are available to future newcomers. With their help, program participants will be able to figure out what needs to be done and what documents will be needed, reduce the number of trips to the information center and complete documents at a convenient time.

Online services for participants of the renovation program are combined in the first one on superservice. It includes a whole range of products designed for future newcomers.

In 2021, the superservice was replenished with five electronic services. They allowed to reduce the number of visits to information centers and significantly simplified the process of moving. Sixth online service, which allows program participants to send the necessary documents in scanned form, was opened in January this year.

Instructions and mailings

Today, the super service includes nine electronic products: these are step-by-step instructions for moving, an online appointment for an apartment inspection, an appointment with a notary and signing an agreement, electronic submission of documents and applications for the elimination of construction defects, electronic notifications, as well as ordering free transport and movers. Participants of the renovation program can use e-services on at every stage of the move.

Superservice includes two moving instructions – general and personal. General available to all readers of It provides a list of documents required to set up a new home, provides step-by-step guidance to make the move easier, and links to services and guidance that can help program members post-relocation. The general instructions can be customized by choosing the moving options yourself. In this case, the reader will receive guidance that takes into account family composition, encumbrances, and other characteristics.

“Personal guidance is the main service that helps newcomers navigate the process of moving. Information about users is automatically loaded into it, including information about moving for a particular family. Personal instruction is available on the page

super service for participants in the renovation program whose relocation to a new home has already begun. To use it, you need a full account. Services and services available in the manual are fully personalized in accordance with the actions that need to be performed in each individual life situation. Thus, housing rights holders will receive guidance for owners or tenants, and parents of minor children will learn how to draw up documents taking into account the age of the child,” said the First Deputy Head of the Office of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow Evgeny Kozlov.

At the end of 2021, the personal instruction was supplemented with a section dedicated to purchase of additional square meters. It describes the steps by which future new settlers will be able to purchase additional living space both at their own expense and using a mortgage or maternity capital.

In addition, at all stages of the move, program participants receive notifications to their personal account on, the Moscow State Services mobile application, email and SMS. The first communication is received a few days before the start of the resettlement, so that the participant can adjust his plans and prepare the required documents. Thanks to these notifications, future newcomers will learn about when they can inspect a new apartment, sign an agreement, order movers, and so on.

Online appointment for an apartment inspection

One of the most important stages of moving is the inspection of a new apartment. Muscovites who have received a notification from the Department of City Property with an offer of a new apartment can choose a convenient time to visit it. Registration is open for the next seven business days from the date of application. Participants of the program only need to indicate the date and time of the inspection of the apartment and arrive at their resettlement information center at the appointed time (its address is indicated in the notification of the City Property Department in the personal account on

Remote document filing

Another online service — downloading scanned copies of necessary documents — became available in January of this year. Now, if a program participant forgot to bring any document to the resettlement information center, he has the opportunity to send a copy of it in pdf, jpeg, png and zip formats using the portal. The original will need to be presented already at the signing of the contract for new housing.

If you need a notary

Since September last year, new settlers can online, on the portal, make an appointment with a notary. His participation in the transaction is necessary in cases where it is necessary to register minors with limited or incompetent capacity in a new apartment together with the owner or tenant. In other cases, the services of a notary are not required.

The online service will allow you to choose a convenient time and place of reception. And the city compensates the participants of the renovation program for the cost of notary services (except for issuing powers of attorney and visiting a notary at home).

Electronic record for signing the contract

Future new settlers can also sign up online for the conclusion of a contract by choosing a convenient time and date. The recording is available after the draft agreement is ready and is open for the next seven working days from the date of application.

Free transport and movers

The service most in demand among program participants is “Help in moving”. In total, more than 80 percent of new settlers used it. From March 2021, you can also order relocation assistance online. To do this, you must fill out an application and indicate a convenient date for moving. At the appointed time, movers will arrive and help with the transportation of things. They will deliver things, furniture and household appliances to a new apartment. Pets, valuables and documents will need to be transported by yourself.

Fixing problems

If defects are found in the apartment, the program participant can submit an application for their elimination electronically. In the appropriate form, the user must indicate the address, apartment number, as well as defects and comments found. When the deficiencies are fixed, the participant will receive a notification of the completion of the work.

Program members can find the services they need at directory, as well as on the page dedicated to super service. All features of the portal are available to users with a full account. You can find out how to get it in a special instructions. They will also help you create an account at any public service center “My documents”.

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