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February 10, 2022, 07:02


Classes will be held online from February 15 to March 3. Upon completion of the course, all graduates will receive certificates.

The Career Development Center of the Technograd Innovation and Education Complex at VDNKh invites everyone to a new online course on sales profiling. It is intended for businessmen who want to increase the number of regular customers of the company, as well as learn how to successfully negotiate with business partners. The course is also suitable for those who just want to develop their communication skills.

Training is free, the first lesson will be held on February 15.

Profiling is the ability to create a psychological profile of a person by his appearance, verbal and non-verbal behavior (emotions, reactions, speech, thinking style, facial expressions, pantomime, appearance). Thanks to such a profile, it is much easier to find a method of interaction with this particular person, build warm and trusting relationships with him, and predict their further development.

“Earlier, it was enough for entrepreneurs to offer the buyer something that solved his problems and satisfied his needs. The modern market is replete with a variety of products and services, so competition among companies is very high. Relations with clients have reached a new level: you need to look for an individual approach to each of them, to meet the interests of your audience. Including businessmen, it is very important to notice in time and correctly interpret the peculiarities in the behavior and appearance of people. This will be discussed at the Technograd online course dedicated to profiling. Teachers will analyze the main psychotypes of people with whom you most often deal in life, give recommendations on how to communicate with different clients, and teach you how to determine the sincerity of a person’s intentions, ”said the head of the capital

Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development Alexey Fursin.

The course “Profiling in sales: how to increase the competence of employees and increase company profits” includes six webinars. They will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19:00.

At the first lesson, which will take place on February 15, it will be possible to learn about the so-called demonstrative (hysterical) types. Such people always want to be in the spotlight, love praise and strive for leadership. At the same time, they hardly endure blows to their ego. The listeners will be explained what to do if during the work they encounter just such a person.

The second lesson will be held on February 17. It will focus on the epileptoid psychotype. Excitability, constant tension, authoritarianism, pedantry, strict adherence to rules are its characteristic features. Such people are prone to mood swings, they quickly lose their temper. Sometimes they need an excuse to express their emotions. However, such people are attentive to details and punctual. Students will learn how to get along with epileptoid clients and partners.

The topic of the next lesson is the paranoid type of character. Representatives of this type are very hardworking, stubborn, energetic. They also try to take a leadership position. At the webinar on February 22, they will tell you how this manifests itself when buying goods and making transactions.

At the fourth lesson on February 24, the teacher will talk about schizoid personality accentuation. It is expressed in the isolation of a person, his inability to establish emotional contacts. People of the schizoid type are very laconic, and it can be quite difficult to understand what they think and dream about. Listeners will be prompted how to “open” them, instill confidence in them, identify their needs.

You can learn more about the hyperthymic psychotype on March 1 at the fifth lesson. It is not difficult to distinguish such a person. He is full of optimism, very active and sociable. Gestures, facial expressions and pantomime are pronounced. However, he also has a downside – he is not used to bringing things to the end, he is frivolous, and sometimes treats his obligations in bad faith. The study group will look at how this affects shopping.

The sixth and final webinar will be dedicated to emotive shoppers. It will take place on March 3rd. Emotive people are soft-hearted, timid, diligent, they treat their duties with full responsibility. But it is important to remember that they are overly sensitive, they are easy to hurt. In addition, in the sixth lesson, the teacher will analyze the anxiety type. Such personalities are characterized by friendliness, humility, timidity, unwillingness to enter into any conflicts. Students will learn how to win the trust of clients with an emotive and anxious psychotype and how to choose exactly what they need.

Each lesson will be accompanied by visual video materials. Participants will also try to self-verify their personality type by evaluating a person’s behavior from a video. Lessons will be taught by teachers of the scientific and methodological center “International Academy for the Study of Lies.” Among them are experienced psychotherapists, profilers, medical and forensic psychologists.

Upon completion of the training, each student will receive an electronic certificate. You can view the detailed schedule and register for the course. here. The number of participants is unlimited.

Innovation and educational complex “Technograd” is a unique platform at VDNKh, offering a new format of career guidance, training and educational leisure for residents and guests of the capital. The Career Development Center is one of the divisions of Technograd. Specialists help in choosing a profession, career planning and employment. The current database of vacancies can be found at site. For small and medium-sized businesses in Moscow, the Career Development Center offers assistance in the selection of qualified employees.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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