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Since October, more than 8.5 thousand applications from Muscovites have been submitted using the service, and more than 160 tons of recyclable materials have been received from the items removed.

Repair, moving or the desire to update home appliances almost always raises the question: what to do with unnecessary things? How to be, for example, with an old bathroom or a refrigerator? How to move such bulky objects and then dispose of them? After all, it is necessary to throw out bulky garbage in special tanks (the so-called bunkers), and they are not always located near the house.

Service will help solve the problem of recycling “Removal of unnecessary things” — it was launched on in October 2021. It quickly became in demand: since the launch, Muscovites left 8674 applications.

Items for export

There are a lot of companies in Moscow offering to dispose of old household appliances. However, this service is often not cheap. And even if the equipment is offered to be disposed of free of charge, then it must be delivered to the collection point. And this is also a problem: not every refrigerator will fit in a passenger car. Yes, and you will also have to pay for turning off the equipment and the help of loaders.

Service “Export of unnecessary things” solves all these problems. It allows you to organize the removal of bulky equipment and large metal objects in a couple of minutes. And most importantly, this service is free for residents of Moscow.

“We tried to form such a financial model, in which the service becomes free for residents. Project partner companies transport metal-containing items to the enterprise for their processing. There, for each unit they are paid a reward. As a result, the washing machine is guaranteed to be recycled, and does not end up in a landfill. Everyone stays in the black,” explained Ilya Demin, deputy head of the GKU

“New Management Technologies”.

The service has a clear classifier of items that are taken for processing. Household appliances include washing machines, electric and gas stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers. From metal objects – cast-iron and steel bathtubs, iron doors and even batteries. Also, any type of car can be handed over for recycling.

“If you are a strong and young man, you may be able to take out large equipment on your own and carry it to the nearest garbage bin. But, probably, it will be difficult enough, and you will call a friend. If you are retired, the situation can be a problem. You call a specialized organization, and they will most likely charge you. We have compiled an accurate and understandable list of things that are guaranteed to be taken away from you for free, ”said Ilya Demin.

More than 160 tons of recyclable materials have already been received from the items removed with the help of the service. Most often, the removal of old washing machines and refrigerators is ordered on the portal – more than six thousand such applications have already been completed. Users of the service got rid of 671 dishwashers, 1273 electric and 1212 gas stoves. In addition, they asked to take out 410 bathtubs, 356 iron doors and 156 batteries.

According to Ilya Demin, it is most profitable to supply these items to processing plants. “Special equipment is installed there, which cuts metal with large knives, breaks it into fractions with magnets. The raw materials are then sent to manufacturing plants. As a result, you can hypothetically see your washing machine in a new domestic car or in another washing machine,” he said.

Cars and furniture: where the service is heading

One of the most promising areas of service is car recycling. This may be relevant if you inherited your grandfather’s car and do not know what to do with it. At the same time, in order for the specialists to take out the car, its owner must present documents to confirm the ownership of the vehicle.

The capital industrial company is engaged in the processing of cars; for this, it has installed a special set of equipment. By the way, it can dispose of both fuel-powered vehicles and hybrid models and electric cars. And materials used in automobiles, such as plastics and polypropylene, can be recycled into production.

“At the end of January, the company processed the first car this year through an application for — a 1994 LHS Chrysler. After that, the owner of the car received a certificate of disposal, and now he can remove the car from the registration register, ”said the head of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy

Alexander Prokhorov.

Today, the service team is working on expanding the list of exported items. There are plans to launch in pilot mode the removal of furniture for a small fee. If the service is in demand, it will be provided throughout the city.

According to Ilya Demin, the service is gaining popularity and the developers do not expect seasonal jumps in orders.

“I have a clear belief that requests for this service will be constant. Because it solves problems at the moment when a person needs it. That is, there is no such thing that in the first three months we took out all the washing machines, recycled them and there is nothing more to do, ”said the deputy head of the New Management Technologies GKU.

One click order

The service “Removal of unnecessary things” is located in the section “Services”(category “Housing, real estate, land”, topic “Housing and communal services, housing maintenance”). Another way to find it is to start typing the name in the search bar, the link will pop up automatically.

Any adult user of can submit an export request after authorization on the portal.

“To apply, just fill out a simple online form. The whole process is built step by step so that even new users can easily navigate the service. Some of the information will be filled in automatically from the personal account, so the user just needs to choose a convenient time and indicate the items that need to be taken out, ”explained the deputy head of the capital

Department of Information TechnologyBoris Frolov.

One application can include up to 20 items from the classifier. You also need to specify the address, entrance number, floor and apartment number, note whether the building has an elevator and what type it is, as well as choose a convenient date and time for pickup. Next, you should check the contact details that were loaded from the profile. After completing the application, the operators of the partner organization will contact the user to clarify the details.

You can change the list of items or reschedule the pickup date by calling the organization’s phone number, which is listed on the service page.

Masters leave on request daily from 09:00 to 21:00. On average, the removal of things takes about half an hour. Employees of the partner company take them out of the house for free, even if there is no elevator in the house, load them into a car and take them to a disposal point.

They can disconnect appliances from communications, disconnect the washing machine from the mains and water supply, but the owners need to dismantle the built-in appliances, doors and bathtubs on their own. A separate subtlety in the export of a gas stove – it must be disconnected from the gas main. To do this, you need to contact the specialists of the certified service in advance.

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The service “Removal of unnecessary things” was developed by the State Public Institution “New Management Technologies” together with the capital Department of Information Technology and Department of housing and communal services.

Any company that specializes in the removal of large equipment and metal objects can join the project. A prerequisite is the existence of an agreement with the recycling point. You can learn all the nuances by link.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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