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February 17, 2022, 09:01


Electronic technologies have given social workers the opportunity to redistribute their duties and give their wards more personal attention. Now they order all products and goods on the Internet, as well as remotely pay utility bills.

The new standard of home care allowed social workers to manage their time more efficiently. Now social service employees use electronic technologies and remote services to solve a number of everyday tasks. They devote the freed time to personal communication with the wards, direct care for them and assistance in household chores.

“The capital is successfully implementing a system of long-term care, which is based on an individual program of social services for each person in need of home care. Previously, social workers spent more than half of their working time on courier duties (such as delivering groceries or essential goods). The new service standards are aimed primarily at helping to perform simple and complex tasks: cooking, escorting for a walk, complex cleaning and much more. Therefore, now almost 80 percent of the working time of a social worker is devoted to direct assistance and human communication, and delivery is carried out through remote services,” said the deputy head

Department of labor and social protection of the population of the city of Moscow Pavel Keller.

The standards for the provision of social services were changed in Moscow in 2020. The main goal of this change is the release of social workers from duties not related to housework and caring for the wards.

For example, in accordance with the requirement of labor protection, social workers can deliver bags of groceries no heavier than four kilograms at a time. And thanks to remote services, you can immediately order the required quantity and range of goods. The social worker creates a personal account for his ward in the desired online store or in several at once, forms an order and chooses a convenient date and time for delivery.

The employee devotes the freed time to cooking hot meals, accompanying the ward for a walk, changing bed linen, cleaning, bathing and other things. Now social workers spend almost all their working day with their wards.

Retirees and people with disabilities are entitled to home care in Moscow if they are lonely and find it difficult to walk without assistance, take care of themselves, and do housework. In order to receive the service, you need to contact any My Documents office. Single citizens will be asked to fill out an application and provide a passport. And if there is a family or close relatives, documents are required on the income of family members, as well as on the circumstances for which they cannot take care of themselves.

Moscow is one of 34 regions where a federal pilot project is being implemented to create a long-term care system. A new methodology for a targeted and individual approach to each potential recipient of social services has been developed and implemented in the capital since 2019. To date, the system of long-term care is used by 50 thousand Muscovitesconsisting of home-based services.

An individual approach is applied to each potential recipient of social services. That is, a Muscovite who needs home care receives exactly the help that he needs for health reasons and needs.

The procedure for registering home-based services has also become more convenient. If earlier a whole expert commission came to a potential recipient, now one social inspector is enough. This is a qualified social security officer who, with the help of questions, observation and actions jointly performed with the future recipient of services, can assess the legal, social and functional status of a citizen, his living conditions.

The social inspector will check how independent a person is in everyday life: can he go outside, cook and eat food, clean the apartment, or does he need the help of a social worker. Based on the needs, an individual list of social services for a specific recipient will be compiled.

The system of long-term care differs from the standard home care primarily in the list of services and their standards. If earlier the list of services was common for everyone, now it includes social services targeted at a specific recipient. For example, preparing hot meals or carrying out inter-seasonal complex cleaning of an apartment could only be done for a fee. Now such services are included in individual programs if necessary, that is, if a person cannot do this on their own.

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