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We read informative books with kids, and works about their peers with teenagers.

Employees of Moscow libraries on weekends advise readers of books that, in their opinion, are impossible to put down. Evgenia Kulikova from the Arkady Gaidar Library chose works by Bianca Pitzorno, Sofia Remez, Sheila Turnage and other authors.

To kids

“Where does the temperature go?” Fyodor Katasonova

If you have a why-guy at home who is able to ask a lot of the most unexpected questions, read informative books with him. One of them is “Where does the temperature jump?”. It was written by pediatrician Fyodor Katasonov. Simply and clearly, without complicated terms, he tells why people have a fever.

True, the conversation here is not only about people – the author also explains why, for example, frogs do not freeze in winter. In the text you will find interesting facts and simple experiments. An excellent encyclopedia for the little ones.

“Bruce’s Goats Go to School” by Bjorn Rervik

I advise future first-graders to read the work of one of the main children’s authors in Norway. In it, he retells a Norwegian folk tale about three goats and a troll that lives under a bridge in a new way. But, unlike the original, Bruce’s goats do not go to graze in the meadows, but go to school.

The younger and middle ones doubt whether they need a school, but the older one convinces them of this. But on the very first day they get to the director. I won’t say who it turned out to be, it’s better to read it for yourself. The story is funny and incredibly cute, it has every chance to become your child’s favorite. He will definitely like the illustrations made by the famous artist Gru Moursun.

For older kids

“How to get to the rainbow?” Roman Fishman

Another informative book for children – “How to get to the rainbow?” popularizer of science journalist Roman Fishman. It is about how a rainbow appears, how sunlight is refracted, how many colors a rainbow actually has, why they are exactly like that, and much more. Of course, it will not do without an excursion into the past: it tells, for example, that people in the old days considered the rainbow to be the road along which the gods can descend into our world and rise back.

I am sure that even adults do not know some facts, so the book is perfect for reading with the whole family. Roman Fishman also explains how to make a rainbow at home.

Tornatras Bianchi Pitzorno

For schoolchildren who want to take a break from their lessons and have a little rest, I offer a detective story by a modern Italian writer Bianca Pitzorno. Her books have been translated into many languages, and for Tornatras she received the Hans Christian Andersen Prize.

I won’t say what or who a tornatras is: if I do, it won’t be so interesting to read the book. But I’ll tell you a little about the plot. After the death of her father, 11-year-old Colomba is forced to take on many household chores and help take care of her younger brother. And then life changed even more – she moved to another city, where she learned a lot about her family. On her way, she met wild monsters, Pulcha-Flea, a charming and at the same time mean TV presenter. She also visited a house with the mysterious name “Stubborn Stronghold”.

With this book, you can both mourn and laugh. The young reader will understand that life is difficult, but there are many more good people in it than bad ones.

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Triple Lucky by Sheila Turnage

Determined Mo and her shy friend Dale are born detectives, always ready to help. True, Detective Joe Starr is not sure of their talent. It is he who unravels the mysterious crime that was committed in their quiet city. But Mo and Dale are determined to help him. They manage to poke their nose into the investigation, and in the process unwittingly reveal the secrets of their own lives.

The book is impossible to put down. American writer Sheila Turnage received the prestigious Newbery Award for her work.

“Ale, this is Gosha!” Sofia Remez

The next book is a continuation of the popular “Notes of Gosha Kunitsyn, a 4th “A” Grade Student” (by the way, I also highly recommend them). However, the second part will be understandable and interesting even to those who have not read the first.

Cats are scratching at the soul of the main character: his best friend and classmate Nastya is moving! Of course, the north of Moscow is not the North Pole, but it will still be so far away! Gosha, as usual, has a lot to do: studying at school and a music school, swimming pool, fussing with his younger brother, family trips. But without Nastya, everything seems somehow different, and one phone for communication is very little.

It is interesting to watch how the hero grows up, what conclusions he comes to. Together with him, the guys will read old letters and a diary that were found in an old suitcase on the mezzanine – they will help to deal with the inner world.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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