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February 22, 2022, 07:03


Photo by E. Samarin.

She was among the personal belongings of a soldier who died in the Stavropol Territory. His remains were discovered by search engines, and the archive and library fund of VDNKh helped establish the name.

The medal of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition (VSHV) helped to restore the name and certain facts of the biography of an unknown soldier, whose remains were found in the Stavropol Territory. They were discovered by members of the Stavropol regional branch of the Search Movement of Russia during work in the vicinity of the former Norton farm in the Stepnovsky municipal district.

Among the personal belongings of the deceased was a well-preserved small silver medal of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition of 1939 “To the leader of socialist agriculture” with a serial number. No other documents that would help to find out who this man was and in which part he fought were found.

Assistance to the search engines was rendered in Moscow. Employees of the archival and library fund of VDNKh found by the serial number of the medal resolutionof the Main Committee of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition on the awarding of a leader. It turned out to be a tractor driver of the machine and tractor station of the Civil District of the Krasnodar Territory, Iosif Mikhailovich Gamulchenko. He received an honorary award for “cultivating 810 hectares of land on a tractor and saving 1246 kilograms of fuel” in 1938.

Now the search engines are busy restoring the biography of Gamulchenko and are looking for his relatives. According to preliminary data, during the Great Patriotic War, he served in the 36th Guards Cavalry Regiment of the 10th Guards Cossack Cavalry Division of the 4th Guards Kuban Cossack Cavalry Corps.

In the area where the remains were found, there were fierce battles. In the summer of 1942, fascist troops occupied the Stepnovsky district, and units of the 10th Guards Cavalry Division took part in operations to liberate it. In the area of ​​the Norton farm, many Red Army soldiers died.

Trying to restore the full history of local battles and bury all the fallen, the search engines of the Stavropol Territory conducted several expeditions here. In December 2021, they raised the remains of 16 Red Army soldiers. Presumably, among them were the remains of Joseph Gamulchenko. Research that will help restore the biographies of the dead is still ongoing.

Archival and Library Fund of VDNKh is an online resource with a large database of digitized VDNKh award documents. He earned in 2020. The goal of the project is to perpetuate the contribution of everyone whose successes and best practices have been demonstrated at the exhibition over the years.

On the portal you can find information about labor collectives and individual agricultural workers, machine operators, industrialists, aircraft designers, nuclear scientists, space explorers, famous scientists and researchers who have ever been awarded at VDNKh for significant achievements and advanced developments.

You can find information by the last name, first name and patronymic of the exhibitor, as well as by the date of award, region, type of award, name of organization or collective farm. You can also order a copy of the extract from the award document, it will be sent to the specified postal address.

Commemorative medals, diplomas and valuable gifts have been awarded to participants of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition since its opening in 1939. At the first award, the participants were awarded about 5,000 diplomas, 3,000 gold and 18,000 silver medals. They also received cash prizes. Those awarded with large gold medals received a bonus of 3,000 rubles, small gold medals – 2,000 rubles, large silver medals – 1,000 rubles, and small silver medals – 500 rubles.

The small silver medal “Forerunner of Socialist Agriculture” (1939), which was awarded to Iosif Gamulchenko, was awarded for the best examples of work in agriculture. The obverse of the award depicted the sculpture “Tractor Driver and Collective Farm Girl”, to the left of it – the tractor S-60 (“Stalinets-60”), and to the right – an elevator. A paper certificate was attached to the medal.

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