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February 22, 2022, 07:05


Design decision

The complex will meet world-class standards.

During the reconstruction of the cordodrome on Krasny Mayak Street in Chertanov Tsentralny, five professional sites for different classes of aircraft modeling will be made. The complex will meet international standards and become a unique building of its kind.

“In the beginning, they will make a zone for aerobatic models (F2B) – it will be a circle with a diameter of 54 meters, in the center of which they will make a covering of natural seed lawn, and a small asphalt take-off track will be equipped along the contour. Two dual cordodroms will be located next: a copter park (F3U) for racing drones and a second one (F2D) for air combat models. These devices take off from hands or from special platforms (for copters), they do not need to accelerate and take off from the ground, so the finish here will also be made of grass. Double pads are universal, they can also be used for cord models of the F2B class. Near these three sites there will be one-story referee pavilions, three boxes for participants, a canopy for technical control. For high-speed (F2A) and racing models (F2C), two asphalt circles with a diameter of 50 meters will be made. Near these cordodromes, two-tier referee pavilions and two boxes for athletes will be built,” said the deputy head of the city

Department of Capital Repairs Sergei Melnikov.

Near each zone, a fence with a 3D effect will be installed. Near the F2A and F2C class sites, its height will be more than three meters, at the F2D and F3U double sites – seven meters, and the F2B circle will be protected by a 1.3-meter high fence. They will also make platforms and sheds for measuring the cord and stands for spectators.

During the competition, all five sites will not be used at the same time, so that the noise of athletes from one class does not interfere with others. As a rule, only one class competes. Sometimes, once or twice a year, it is planned to hold general competitions, but all participants start in turn.

A leisure and educational building will also appear on the territory. Classes for group classes with juniors and athletes, several specialized rooms (for carpentry, plumbing and other work), household premises (training rooms, showers, toilets), an exhibition and conference hall, and a library will be built here. In addition, they will equip a large children’s play area and a sports ground with workout equipment and ping-pong tables.

There will be two types of lighting on the territory. The venues will be illuminated by floodlights, which are aimed exclusively at the cordodrome itself, and park floor lamps will be placed along the paths and in the rest of the territory. Spotlights will be turned on only when necessary, near the area that is used, they will not be constantly on.

“The main passages to the territory will be made of a geogrid, which will be covered with rubble, and the area in front of the main building will be paved with concrete tiles, the walkways and sidewalks for pedestrians will be made of a permeable TerraWay coating. Additional landscaping is also envisaged – more than 210 trees and over 1280 shrubs will be planted on the territory, ”added Sergey Melnikov.

Best for aeromodelling

Aeromodelling is a technical discipline in which members design and build model aircraft and compete to fly them in flight. It is a spectator sport that many people play. Previously, aeromodelling competitions were held in the fields, far from populated areas. Today, specialized sites are being built for this, many of them directly within the city. In Germany there is a cordodrome in the city of Sebnitz, in Sweden – in Karlskog, in Spain – in Valladolid, in Bulgaria – in Pazardzhik, in France – in Landres, and on the west coast of Australia – in the national natural park of the city of Perth.

There are five sections of aircraft modeling sports in the Chertanovo Central area. Their participants have been using the existing cordodrome since 2011, and before that – a clearing at the edge of the Bitsevsky forest. There have been training launches and competitions for over 30 years.

There is not enough space for everyone now, before the start of work on the cordodrome on Krasny Mayak Street there was one double site. Training and competitions in aerial combat took place here, sometimes it was used by fans of aerobatic models and drones. Athletes who are fond of high-speed and racing models were forced to train in Khimki and Zhukovsky, where there is also only one asphalt site for this class.

Cordodrome will be reconstructed in accordance with modern requirements, this will allow training and competitions for all major classes of cord models and racing copters. After modernization, it will be the best such complex, which is not found anywhere else. In addition, the work will be carried out with the utmost respect for the environment and environmental legislation.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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