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Source: Russia Ministry of Energy

Moscow, June 15. – The work of the electricity demand management mechanism needs to be extended and a wide range of consumers should be involved, said Andrei Maksimov, Director of the Electricity Development Department of the Russian Ministry of Energy, at a meeting of the RSPP Commission on the Electricity Industry on the topic: “Discussion of the target model of demand management in the Russian Federation.” “The project needs to be extended, involve a wide range of consumers in it and make it payback both for the participants and for the energy system, because this is one of the few mechanisms that allows not only the participants of this market to earn money, but also reduce the total costs of consumers for energy supply, ”said Andrey Maksimov … In 2019, a pilot project was launched in Russia to work with demand management aggregators. These are specialized companies that allow any electricity consumers to earn money by managing their consumption levels. Aggregators bring together consumer groups and manage their aggregate electricity demand. By reducing the consumption of their groups at certain hours (known a day in advance), aggregators and consumers receive payments for this from the energy market. The positive effect for the power system from the aggregators is to reduce the load during the hours when it is highest and the consumption is at its highest peaks. Over 70 aggregator companies, representing more than 300 management objects, took part in the pilot project. Over a year and a half, the capacity of resources for managing the demand of retail consumers has grown more than 12 times: from 50 MW to 607 MW, and the number of regions where the project operates has exceeded 50, which has led to the formation of competitive prices for aggregator services. target model of functioning of demand management aggregators. The Energy Ministry has prepared a draft federal law on the implementation of the target model. It has passed the procedure of public discussion and is being finalized as a result. “It is necessary to launch the law. I think that by the month of August we will reach the final result, that is, we expect to submit the project to the Government. Now we will discuss it with federal agencies in the near future, ”said Andrei Maksimov.


Rosseti FGC UES (PJSC FGC UES) in 2021 will complete the construction of a new open switchgear at 330 kV Petrozavodsk substation, 550 km of power transmission lines and will commission two 330 kV distribution points.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation from Russian Language to English.

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