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# Roscosmos # GLEX # Dmitry Rogozin 06/15/2021 19:32 End of the second day of GLEX The first half of the second day of the International Space Conference GLEX-2021 was dedicated to the sixtieth anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight and brought together many cosmonauts from different countries. Experts spoke very warmly and personally about the man who “called us all into space.” Almost everyone talked about how the flight of Yuri Gagarin influenced their lives and led to the decision to associate themselves with space. The words of a young specialist, the first cosmonaut of the UAE Hazzaa Al-Mansuri were very bright: “I am grateful to Gagarin for the strength he gave us for so that we can solve all the tasks before us ”. French engineer and astronaut of the European Space Association Jean-François Clairvois, deeply moved, to the applause of the audience even sang the song “I believe friends, rocket caravans …” The second half of the day became more serious and brought together many leaders of the world cosmonautics at the conference. They discussed that there are a large number of problems that are already ripe and require a joint solution. Dmitry Rogozin, General Director of the State Corporation Roscosmos, made it clear that Russia is ready to discuss even the most complex issues of concern. What to do with “space debris” and how to prevent further escalation of the problem of space pollution? How to deal with the lack of legal documents that are far behind real space life and who will be involved in their creation? Other speakers also spoke, including the head of NASA administration Bill Nelson, deputy head of the Chinese space agency CNSA Wu Yanhua, president of the Japanese JAXA agency Hiroshi Yamakawa, head The Indian Space Research Organization Kailasavadivu Sivan and the Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs Simonetta Di Pippo. The final of the day was a press conference by Dmitry Rogozin, at which he thanked the organizers of the conference and the city of St. Petersburg for holding the event in such difficult conditions. that it was decided to hold the conference in the year of the sixtieth anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight, in the pearl of Russia, the city of St. Petersburg “, – Dmitry Rogozin noted. Dmitry Rogozin also briefly spoke about the results of negotiations with the head of NASA Bill Nelson.” We continue our dialogue on International Space Station antiquity. I must emphasize that Bill Nelson has always been a politician who supports working together in space. The work continues, we have agreed on a personal meeting in the fall on the “margins” of one of the international conferences, and then we are waiting for him in Russia. There will be further negotiations in a broader format, from Russia they will be led by Sergei Krikalev “, – summed up the head of Roscosmos. [Embedded content] Press conference following the work of the second day of GLEX-2021


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation from Russian Language to English.

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