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# Roscosmos # Media # RIA Novosti # Dmitry Rogozin # GLEX 06/15/2021 10:40 PM Dmitry Rogozin named two most important tasks of cosmonautics Dmitry Rogozin, General Director of the State Corporation Roscosmos, considers monitoring space threats to the Earth (asteroids and other bodies) and the search for extraterrestrial life as the most important tasks of the world cosmonautics.

“The first of these is planetary protection. Today we have ensured the development of space monitoring programs, and this has a utilitarian significance for how to avoid dangerous collisions in space. But there is another, even more important task – how to protect our planet from uninvited collisions with cosmic bodies that can destroy civilization, ”he said at the International Space Exploration Conference GLEX-2021.

“Today we do not have technologies that can change the trajectory of the approaching danger to our Earth. But this technology must be created, ”added Rogozin. At the same time, according to the head of Roscosmos, no country alone will pull such a development.

The second task, according to Rogozin, is to find an answer to the question “which has been tormenting mankind from the moment of its formation” – is there life in the Universe besides the earthly one.

Source: RIA Novosti June 15, 2021, 10:15


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation from Russian Language to English.

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