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Source: Russia Ministry of Energy

Kolomna, June 11. – Power engineers, operational services and executive authorities of the Moscow region under the leadership of Evgeny Grabchak conducted exercises to restore power supply to consumers in a fire-hazardous period. “Such exercises are a test for the coordinated work of power engineers and all accompanying services that ensure the life of the population. The task of power engineers in cooperation with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, with regional authorities under the patronage of the general regional headquarters for the security of energy supply, to restore energy supply to consumers as soon as possible. Although the training is prepared in advance, it helps to hone interagency interactions and prepare for a possible real emergency, ”said the Deputy Minister.

The specialists worked out a conditional situation: a fire broke out in the security zone of the 110 kV overhead power transmission line “Chanki – Peski”, and then its damage – this led to the shutdown of a number of 110 kV substations and about 22.6 thousand people were left without power supply in the Kolomensky urban district. The participants worked out the coordination of the interaction of the headquarters, the interaction of operational services and energy companies, the practical skills of the dispatching and operational services to restore the power supply to consumers, as well as the readiness of life support facilities of the population and socially important facilities to be transferred to a backup power supply. The Ministry of Energy of Russia, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the authorities of the Moscow region, the company “Rosseti Moscow Region” and other organizations.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation from Russian Language to English.

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