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Source: President of Russia – Kremlin

Vladimir Putin: Friends, I am glad to welcome you to the Kremlin and, first of all, to congratulate those gathered in this hall, all the citizens of our country on this holiday – the Day of Russia. This holiday marks not only the modern development of the Fatherland, but also its entire centuries-old, continuous the path, the greatness of its history, its achievements, victories and achievements.

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This richest heritage was created by many generations of our ancestors. Their labor and military exploits, endless devotion to the Motherland evoke respect and pride, the desire to be worthy of their heroic destinies, to preserve and affirm in their lives the values ​​bequeathed to us, which today are of colossal importance for our entire movement forward. We see this in the achievements of modern scientists , cultural figures, active participants in public life, professionals of the highest level, who are united by a sincere love for their work and a desire to be useful to the Motherland. The highest distinctions and awards of Russia are recognized for their services to the country and the people, and today they will be presented to the best of the best. The title of Hero of Labor of Russia was awarded to the captain of the icebreaker Gennady Ivanovich Antokhin. Behind him – 30 years of risk and courage, dozens of the most difficult expeditions and rescue operations. Gennady Ivanovich generously shares his skill to unmistakably navigate caravans of ships in the harsh Arctic zone with young ice captains, is rightfully included in the galaxy of the most authoritative mentors of the Far Eastern Shipping Company. The Don tractor driver Alexander Dmitrievich Bondarenko devoted almost half a century to his profession. A representative of a labor dynasty, he is heartbroken for the cause and achieves brilliant performance. It is such responsible, strong people, real workers who ensure the growth of the Russian agricultural industry, those record harvests that our whole country is proud of. The special tempering, resilience and hard work of the inhabitants of Kuzbass united in the character of an amazing woman – Lyudmila Yegorovna Suslyakova. She is a crane operator of a blast furnace shop and has been managing hot rivers of cast iron for 40 years and at the same time taking care of others, seeking to improve working conditions, passing on the secrets of the profession to young people, helping children in an orphanage. To devote herself entirely to children was an old dream of Murad Magomedovich Kazhlaev. An outstanding conductor, composer, excellent melodist, he enriched world culture with the musical traditions of his native Dagestan, created original symphonies and ballets, jazz compositions, music for plays and films. But the main business of the maestro’s life remains the education of young talents in his small homeland, in Makhachkala. Thanks to his tireless efforts, an art school for gifted children is successfully operating here, including the Hero of Labor and engineer Viktor Anatolyevich Polyakov. At the Yaroslavl plant “UEC-Saturn”, he went from a fitter to a managing director. Under his leadership, the plant is successfully developing, increasing the production of engines for aircraft, ships, power plants, industrial plants and is recognized as a reliable supplier of high-tech, science-intensive equipment that the country needs to accelerate development. Dear friends, 2021 has been declared the Year of Science and Technology in Russia. This is a sign of our deep gratitude to Russian scientists, who at all times glorified our country, made a colossal contribution to the progress of mankind in many areas of knowledge. The power of Russian science, the Russian scientific school was clearly manifested last year, when people around the world were waiting for salvation from scientists from pandemic coronavirus, and our researchers have achieved success, one might say, triumph – in the shortest possible time they created a safe, effective vaccine against coronavirus “Sputnik V”, which allowed Russia not only to ensure the availability of the vaccine for our citizens, but also to provide vital assistance to other states. And this is the responsibility of our country as a leading scientific power to the whole world. Let me stress that this result was achieved thanks to the accumulated unique knowledge, including during the creation of other vaccines, for example, against Ebola. The solutions found by Russian scientists open the way for the emergence of long-awaited vaccines against many other dangerous viral diseases. The authors of this breakthrough – Alexander Leonidovich Gintsburg, Denis Yuryevich Logunov, Sergey Vladimirovich Borisevich – were awarded the State Prize in the field of science and technology. Among the laureates and the founders of a new approach in the treatment of oncological diseases of the neck and head Igor Vladimirovich Reshetov, Evgeny Lkhamatsyrenovich Choinzonov and Sadulla Abakarovich … They use their world-class authoring developments, high-precision gentle treatment and the most advanced methods of tissue and organ restoration. This innovative therapy has made it possible for thousands of patients to overcome the disease and live life to the fullest. Our scientists have made a great contribution and a step forward in fundamental physics. Valery Sergeevich Zapassky and Evgeny Borisovich Aleksandrov invented a new way to study the structure of materials by registering magnetic properties at the atomic level. This method opens the veil of secrecy over how materials are formed from elementary particles, and this is important for the development of technologies in construction, energy, medicine, it is important for the exploration of space and the World Ocean. And of course, this knowledge will lead us to a new scientific and technological revolution, to the production of quantum computers, which will give a powerful impetus to the development of science. And here Russia occupies a confident position. State prizes in the field of literature and art have been awarded to outstanding figures of Russian culture. Grigory Valerievich Alfeyev, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, continues the traditions of Russian enlightenment, combining the service of the Church with light creative activity. His literary, musical, cinematographic works become an event in the cultural life of the country, and educational programs on Russian television have a multimillion audience, and all over the world. World fame and one more today’s laureate. For her contribution to the development of operatic art, the State Prize is awarded to Khibla Levarsovna Gerzmava – the owner of a charming timbre of voice and acting personality. She skillfully performs both the most complex parts of the operatic repertoire and jazz compositions, she is one of the most popular Russian singers. Khibla Levarsovna successfully combines service at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theater with touring, teaching and charitable activities. Alexander Iulianovich Rukavishnikov, one of the world’s most famous masters of monumental sculpture, has also become a State Prize laureate. His brilliant talent is capable of solving the most difficult creative problems, and his works are not only masterfully embodied, but also filled with a deep understanding of the essence of the created images, an impeccable sense of space. Devoted to the traditions of Russian sculpting, Alexander Iulianovich has created his own unique artistic style and shares the secrets of his skill with numerous students, actively supports the development of modern Russian sculpture. It is with great pleasure that I present the laureate of the State Prize in the field of human rights activities. Elena Andreevna Topoleva-Soldunova chose for herself the mission of supporting the development of civil society more than a quarter of a century ago. She was at the origin of many social and volunteer initiatives, participated in the creation of the legal framework for the work of non-profit organizations. Faina Yakovlevna Zakharova, laureate of the State Prize for Charity, devoted her life to the work for the good of society – saving seriously ill children – that today in our country charity and volunteering have become the norm of life. Her tremendous energy of kindness and mercy, courage and sharp mind have been completely donated to the Life Line Foundation, an organization that has real assistance to more than ten thousand children. The foundation’s experience, especially in the implementation of high-tech treatment of childhood heart defects, is a vivid example of the fact that civil society is able to solve the most pressing problems, including finding, supporting and offering the state effective practices that can guarantee assistance to all who need it. Friends, each of you in your creative work makes an important contribution to the spiritual development of the Russian nation, strengthening the moral foundations and social harmony. And all together you represent a brilliant constellation of the best sons and daughters of the Fatherland, true patriots of their country. You see, I have listed more of our laureates than those presented today here in the Kremlin Hall. Unfortunately, not all of our today’s Heroes of Labor and laureates of State Prizes were able to attend this ceremony for certain reasons. Gold medals and signs of the laureates will be awarded to them later. But all of us – the whole country, all of Russia – are proud of you and wish you good health and further success for the good of the Motherland. Thank you for your attention. To be continued.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation from Russian Language to English.

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