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Source: Russia – Council of the Federation

The senator held a reception of citizens in the “hot line” mode while working in the region.

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Construction, a representative from the executive body of state power of the Altai Republic Vladimir Poletaev Vladimir Vladimirovich Poletaev, a representative from the executive body of state power of the Altai Republic received citizens in the region.

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“This is not the first reception of citizens held in the hotline mode. This way of communication allows fellow countrymen not to be distracted from work or long trips, to address a question directly to me “- noted the senator. In total, eight applications were received from residents of Gorno-Altaysk and regions of the Altai Republic. The citizens touched upon various spheres of life, including the rehabilitation of a bed patient, the development of social movement in the Altai Republic, gas supply to a private house, the receipt of a land plot by a “home front worker.” In particular, the teaching staff of the evening school applied to the senator. Despite the fact that the school building was burned down, the team continues the educational process in other institutions of the city. Vladimir Poletaev said that there are no plots of suitable size. Areas of existing buildings are being studied. So, the possibility of studying in the building of an agricultural college is under consideration. The teachers were sympathetic to the fact that this issue requires careful study and time. Among those who applied, a parent of two girls. He said that both children were assigned to different kindergartens. Despite the fact that federal legislation regulates the right of brothers / sisters to study at the same school, go to the same kindergarten. Vladimir Poletaev decided to sort out the situation together with the city administration. As a result of the hotline, the senator noted that several appeals require the intervention of supervisory authorities , others will be decided jointly with the regional authorities.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation from Russian Language to English.

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