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The results of the scholarship competition held by the Potanin Foundation for master’s students at Russian universities have been announced. The list of winners included 22 NSU students. Among them are 7 master’s students each Faculty of Natural Sciences And Faculty of Physics, 3 students Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, 2 master’s students each Faculty of Geology and Geophysics And Humanitarian Institute and one student Institute of Philosophy and Law. Three winners are master’s students Advanced Engineering School of NSU “Cognitive Engineering”.

This year, about 6.5 thousand undergraduates from 75 universities took part in the competition. After checking according to formal criteria, 3,478 applications were admitted. The winners of stage I were 2,000 people. At the second stage, participants solved cases, participated in individual and group interviews, and ultimately 750 winners were selected.

The organizers note that the goal of the competition has remained unchanged – to support the most active, talented and involved students from Russian universities to form a community of creative professionals and consolidate their efforts in solving complex social problems.

The competition participants were evaluated comprehensively. The main evaluation criteria were the academic, intellectual and creative potential of applicants, their motivation for development, social awareness, possession of universal skills, including the willingness to take responsibility and work in a team. Applicants had to show active research work, including project activities within the framework of their field, as well as involvement in the public life of the university and the city, in socially significant and creative team work. Participation in specialized conferences, competitions, publications, as well as proven experience in organizing and conducting various events were welcomed.

This year the winners of the Vladimir Potanin scholarship competition were:

Otari Vardosanidze, MMF, Mechanics and mathematical modeling, 1st year (Advanced engineering school)

Andrey Vasiliev, GHF, 2nd year

Yulia Vnukovskaya, GGF, 1st year

Ksenia Zimireva, MMF, Mathematics, 2nd year

Polina Kalinina, FEN, Chemistry, 1st year

Maria Kanarskaya, FF, 2nd year

Veronika Komlyagina, FEN, Chemistry, 1st year

Olga Kurchenko, FEN, Biology, 1st year (Advanced engineering school)

Zaur Nuriakhmetov, FF, 2nd year

Yusub Ozmanyan, IFP Jurisprudence, 1st year

Daria Pismak, GI, History, 1st year

Mikhail Plekhanov, MMF, Applied mathematics and computer science, 2nd year

Denis Polivtsev, FEN, Biology, 1st year

Thaddey Samokhvalov, FF, 1st year

Daniil Sarypov, FF, 2nd year

Nadezhda Solovova, FF, 1st year

Anna Subbotina, FEN, Biology, 2nd year

Artem Chetverikov, FF, 1st year

Tamara Chuchuk, FF, 1st year

Igor Shalik, FEN, Biology, 1st year (Advanced engineering school)

Anna Shalyapina, GI, Fundamental and Applied Linguistics, 1st year

Danil Shivtsov, FEN, Chemistry, 1st year

The winners of the competition will receive a monthly personal scholarship from Vladimir Potanin in the amount of 25 thousand rubles starting from February 2024 until the end of their studies.

Igor Shalik:

— I really enjoyed participating in this competition. What I remember most is the stage of the case tournament, where I had to solve situational problems in a team of very interesting, enthusiastic guys from all over the country. It was very nice to find ourselves on the list of winners. The scholarship competition from the Potanin Foundation is one of those competitive programs that gave me the opportunity to analyze myself in detail at the current stage of development. This knowledge allowed me to draw conclusions, adjust the direction of my activities and pay attention to the competencies that I should develop in the future.

Andrey Vasiliev:

“Participation in the competition left me with amazing impressions!” Like everyone else, I was worried when I was waiting for the results – in the telegram channel of the competition, all participants spent the whole day discussing the exact time of their publication, sharing stickers and experiences. My friend in my junior year also won a scholarship, and we immediately congratulated each other when we found out about it.

I don’t yet know exactly how I will use this opportunity, but I will definitely try to make the most of it. Most likely, I will spend the Foundation’s scholarship on training courses to further improve my professional skills and fill existing gaps in knowledge. I will save part of the money for the wedding that my girlfriend and I are planning to have in the summer, when we finish our studies at NSU.

I believe that the Potanin Foundation does very important work in supporting original social projects, science and professional development. Sometimes we all need a helping hand to bring an idea or project to fruition, and programs like these provide that opportunity.

Daniil Sarypov:

— This is my first time participating in a competition of this scale. In the finals, I had the opportunity to talk with students who had very rich experience and strong communication skills. Therefore, the news of victory greatly inspired me. I would also like to separately note the high level of organization of the remote stage of the competition.

For me, participation in this competition is, first of all, an opportunity to communicate with versatile, erudite people and expand my knowledge base. In the future, I hope to participate in the Foundation School, which will allow me to get to know other winners better, visit picturesque places and practice volunteering.

Thanks to such programs, enterprising young people can find support to implement their ideas. For me, as a novice researcher, participation in the competition was an opportunity to practice my ability to convey to others the significance of my scientific work.

Yulia Vnukovskaya:

“When I found out about my victory, I felt real delight and satisfaction. I was glad to share the news with my loved ones that my work and aspirations were appreciated at the proper level. This inspires you to new achievements and helps you believe in yourself. IM proud of myself!

The Foundation’s scholarship provided me with financial support to focus on self-development and research in the next year and a half, as well as the opportunity to participate in the “Practices of Personal Philanthropy and Altruism” competition from the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation.

I am convinced that such programs play a key role in access to education and the development of talent from various social and economic spheres. They help lower the financial barrier for students and researchers, allowing them to focus on their development rather than financial concerns. Ultimately, such programs contribute to society by stimulating innovation and advancing scientific research.

Denis Polivtsev:

“I’m very glad that we managed to win.” I was surprised when I realized that they gave out a grant for almost half a million to me personally, and not for future work or a project, as is usually the case.

The opportunity to communicate with talented and interesting peers from different fields is very important to me. To see that there are many of us. At one stage it was necessary to write an essay on various topics. I collected all my achievements and for the first time I realized that I had done a great job.

The main significance of this program, in my opinion, is supporting the most talented, proactive and diligent students who, in addition to studying and acquiring professional skills, develop themselves in other areas. As volunteers, social activists and teachers.

Note; This information is raw content directly from the source of the information. This is exactly what the source states and does not reflect the position of MIL-OSI or its clients.

Please note; This information is raw content directly from the information source. It is accurate to what the source is stating and does not reflect the position of MIL-OSI or its clients.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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