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On March 12, the photo exhibition “St. Petersburg Polytechnic University – 125 years” opened at the ROSPHOTO museum and exhibition center. The exhibition includes unique historical photographs of the university from the collections of the SPbPU History Museum.

Representatives of the management of SPbPU and ROSPHOTO, students and university staff took part in the opening ceremony.

It is very pleasant that we are opening an exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the Polytechnic University in such a space. For everyone, a historical connection, the spirit of the times, is important. Many of the photographs presented here were taken over a hundred years ago. They preserve a piece of the history of the Polytechnic University, where we now work and study. Modern methods of processing photographs and negatives allow us to get a new look at what our university was like and what kind of people worked here. This is painstaking work. Whatever we do, whatever profession we choose, the connection between times and people, and cultural heritage are important. I hope that ROSPHOTO guests will get their share of inspiration by looking at the photographs, at the faces of our predecessors,” said the first vice-rector of SPbPU Vitaly Sergeev.

The ceremony was continued by ROSPHOTO General Director Zakhar Kolovsky, a graduate of the Polytechnic University and the son of the outstanding polytechnic scientist Mikhail Zakharovich Kolovsky.

I am very glad that we can pay tribute to our beloved university and take part in the celebrations on the occasion of its glorious anniversary. Polytechnic University is a tradition that has been preserved and developed for 125 years. What you see here is to some extent the result of my polytechnic education. My dad worked at the Polytechnic University, and I first found myself working for him when I was five years old. Since then, I have spent a lot of time at the university. I thank the head of the Public Relations Department, Marianna Dyakova, who made great efforts to create this project. Thanks to the Polytechnic History Museum. As a result of our cooperation, this exhibition was created. It was important for us to create the image of our favorite university so that viewers would feel the scale of traditions, atmosphere and important fragments from the beginning of construction to the present day,” noted Zakhar Mikhailovich.

The photo exhibition “St. Petersburg Polytechnic University—125 years”, prepared by ROSPHOTO and SPbPU staff, consists of two sections. The first reveals the period of formation of the institute, captured on 165 negatives of Polytechnic professor B. N. Menshutkin, starting from the laying of the first stone and ending with the 1930s. The negatives are kept in the collections of the SPbPU History Museum.

For the first time, a collection of photographs by the first historiographer of the Polytechnic University, Boris Nikolaevich Menshutkin, was put on public display. By the way, he was the first to write a book about the history of the Polytechnic Institute from the beginning of its foundation until 1930. There are a huge number of visitors to ROSPHOTO, and we are glad that they will learn a lot of new things about the Polytechnic University and Boris Nikolaevich,” said Valery Klimov, director of the SPbPU History Museum.

Boris Nikolaevich came to our university in 1900 as a laboratory assistant and became a professor here, a doctor of chemistry. I have been interested in photography for many years. The exhibition features 97 glass negatives, 35 of them were printed in the hall, five were illuminated on glass, the rest can be seen on slides on the screen.

This year, April 17, old style, marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Boris Menshutkin. Among his photographs, a photograph of the assembly hall of the Main Building, taken on September 4, 1902, is especially interesting. We know that on October 2, the grand opening of the university already took place in the hall, and on October 3, student classes began,” said Nadezhda Nikiforova, curator of the collections of the SPbPU History Museum.

The second hall displays photographs of people whose lives were connected with the Polytechnic University. The photographs show how the premises changed over the years, the educational process took place, how students spent their leisure time – studying in the library, playing chess, skiing, and participating in events. The exhibition also included portraits of Polytechnic teachers.

In my opinion, this is the culmination of our exhibition activities for the 125th anniversary of the Polytechnic University: we opened an exhibition of unique archival photographs at ROSPHOTO, the main museum of photographs in our country. Photos from Menshutkin’s negatives introduce us to the stages of construction of the Polytechnic University, the interiors of classrooms, offices and laboratories in the main building and the chemical pavilion of the early 20th century. The second section of the exhibition shows the faces of the creators of the history of the university: those who are known and have come down to us only with smiles in photographs, who worked honestly in laboratories and pored over books before a session in the library, who played sports and performed in the famous White Hall. Look at these faces, this is our story. This is our Polytechnic University,” shared Marianna Dyakova, head of the SPbPU Public Relations Department.

We asked polytechnicians to share their impressions of the exhibition.

Alina Imaeva, 2nd year student at the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications:

“I won the invitation card drawing and was very happy. I try to participate in all competitions so that there are memories and souvenirs of the events at the Polytechnic. At the exhibition, I especially remember the photographs of the classrooms in which my everyday school life now takes place. It was interesting to see the faces of the professors who worked at our university. Everything is new to me.”

Evgeniy Dogaev, 1st year student at the Institute of Biomedical Systems and Biotechnologies:

“I often visit ROSPHOTO; I myself am interested in photography. The Polytechnic Museum does not have many photographs of construction; I was interested in broadening my horizons. Moreover, the teachers told us about Professor Menshutkin, but I didn’t know that he was involved in photography.”

Maria Fedorova, 2nd year student at the Institute of Physics and Mechanics:

“I wanted to learn more about the history of the university, and I also love old photographs, so the exhibition combined my two desires. I liked comparing what the buildings and classrooms look like now, when I’m studying at the university, and what they were like more than a hundred years ago. The ROSPHOTO site is perfect for the Polytech exhibition.”

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Please note; This information is raw content directly from the information source. It is accurate to what the source is stating and does not reflect the position of MIL-OSI or its clients.

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