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On April 5, 2024, in pavilion No. 57 of VDNKh, as part of the International Exhibition and Forum “Russia” with the support of the Russian Society “Knowledge”, an Open Day of the State University of Management was held.

The start of the event was given by the rector of the State University of Education Vladimir Stroev, who greeted the schoolchildren who reached the knowledge pavilion on an unexpectedly frosty day. Vladimir Vitalievich said that our university not only trains high-quality specialists, but also educates the younger generation, who will soon be responsible for building the future. “We are reviving and promoting engineering and management science – a priority area of professional knowledge, one of the strategic directions for the development of Russian higher education today and for years to come,” said the rector.

Director of the Department of State Youth Policy and Educational Activities of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Dmitry Pokrovsky in his speech emphasized that education is a process of upbringing and training. “In addition to excellent specialists, it is important for us that universities graduate conscientious citizens. To do this, we need extensive extracurricular work, of which there are a lot at the State University of Education. There is a high level of education and a comfortable environment for hobbies,” the speaker noted and wished those gathered to have a productive day.

State University Vice-Rector Dmitry Bryukhanov told schoolchildren about the history and modern capabilities of the country’s First Management University. This title is not an empty phrase, because it was at our university that the country’s first department of scientific foundations of management was opened in 1966. “Today we are returning to the field of engineering and management education, as we call it – we are preparing management special forces,” the vice-rector subtly noted. Further, Dmitry Yuryevich rightly noted that education without science cannot fully reveal the capabilities of students, and said that at the State University of Education students from the 1st year can study in scientific circles. He also mentioned the opening of the RosGeoTech Advanced Engineering School. He talked about his active extracurricular life, which sometimes takes a little less time than his academic life. He reported on the benefits of a unified SUM campus and the construction of a new dormitory. Dmitry Bryukhanov also noted that despite the difficult political situation in the world, about 600 foreigners study at the State University of Education every year. He placed special emphasis on project activities at the university and mentioned that our university has become a federal platform for the development of project-based learning in the country since January of this year. At the end of his speech, the vice-rector displayed lists of areas of training and presented a short list of SUM partners, and also expressed the hope of seeing the guys at the desks of the First Management School on September 1.

Deputy Chairman of the Moscow division of Sberbank Sergey Lazarev spoke about the most modern capabilities of his ecosystem, based on neural networks. He gave examples of correct promts and showed the conclusions of GigaChat on a request about the professions of the future for SUM graduates. Sber’s interactive AI model believes that the following specialists will soon be in demand: a political engineer, a supermarket specialist, an impression manager and a designer of digital portraits (not paintings, but professional skills).

Executive Director of Sberbank, State University graduate Mikhail Safonnikov spoke about the benefits of an educational loan. In addition to the fact that 15.7% of the amount is paid by the state, the loan is more than affordable – in the 1st year the fee will be only 260 rubles per month – “education for a cup of coffee.” At the State University of Education, 910 students use an educational loan from Sber. Mikhail Safonnikov said that you can order an on-site consultation and obtain a loan, and also wished everyone to enroll in the university of their dreams – the State University of Management.

The head of the department for organizing the admission of applicants to the State University of Management, Vadim Dikikh, raised the topic of important, correct and timely questions that should be asked by applicants. Over the past year, its management listened to 38,000 unique questions and in 96% of cases gave correct advice and helped applicants make the right choice. Continuing his statistical calculations, Vadim Dikikh pointed out that 77% of the schoolchildren surveyed believe that choosing a profession for life is difficult. However, he noted, no one bothers you to try yourself in different fields and get 3-4 specialties. “The choice is always yours, but you don’t need to rush into it, so as not to inadvertently lose a year or two by making a hasty decision. It’s better to turn to specialists and ask them the right questions,” Vadim Aleksandrovich ended his speech with advice.

The chairman of the regional branch of the “First Movement” in the Moscow region, a graduate of the State University of Management, Yuri Makeev, very colorfully and aphoristically, using quotes from his teachers, spoke about what he was taught in the First Management: – Manage without humiliating and obey without humiliating; – Management is government over laziness;— Conflict, since conflict is a skill in defending one’s position.

Director of the training center for emergency response and emergency operations at the State University of Management Maxim Dzhetygenov and member of the VSKS State University team Matvey Ulyanov, who helped in eliminating the consequences of the fire at Crocus City Hall, spoke about the possibilities of obtaining additional competencies without interrupting their studies. Maxim Dzhetygenov recalled that VSKS has been training rescuers for 20 years. There are currently 18 student teams operating in Moscow, and there are also plans to organize school teams. Matvey Ulyanov admitted that his path in the rescue squad was long, but not boring. Now he is participating in the “GUU-SVOim” and “Moscow-Donbass” projects, in which he helps restore new regions with his own hands and sends humanitarian aid. “All this is done by the hands of volunteers with a warm heart.”

Director of the Project Office of the Office of Acceleration Programs and Project-Based Training, Anastasia Lobacheva, told schoolchildren about the activities of her department. She said that project-based learning is one of the most important and interesting components of studying at SMU. At our university, these are not just lectures or regulated practical tasks, it is a whole ecosystem with individual work for the university’s partners, thanks to which students gain a wide range of skills, including soft ones. About 3,000 projects are currently posted on the State University digital platform, Anastasia Lobacheva said.

In addition, the Open Day program included career guidance events, a quiz “Find out SMU”, flash mobs from the Student Council and prize drawings, including the “Salute” smart speaker from Sber.

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Note; This information is raw content directly from the source of the information. This is exactly what the source states and does not reflect the position of MIL-OSI or its clients.

Please note; This information is raw content directly from the information source. It is accurate to what the source is stating and does not reflect the position of MIL-OSI or its clients.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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