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During a working trip to the Novosibirsk region, the Minister of Economic Development of Russia Maxim Reshetnikov visited the Research Center in the field of artificial intelligence of Novosibirsk State University, one of the largest production sites in the region – Novosibirsk Academy Park, and also gave an open lecture to university students.

And about. Director of the Research Center in the field of artificial intelligence Alexander Lyulko said that key projects are related to optimizing the healthcare infrastructure and improving the quality of life of citizens. Among them, in particular, the minister was shown a technology for testing large groups to detect diseases at the earliest stages – a software and hardware complex based on AI technologies “Oculist Igor”. As part of a pilot project for remote vision screening examinations, the developers plan to supply the complex to schools in the Zaporozhye region.

Another development is the high-tech gas analyzer HEALTHMONITOR®. The device also provides rapid testing for various diseases by measuring the concentration of gases in a person’s exhaled air. The analysis is carried out by a specialized software product using AI mechanisms that are trained in the process of accumulating a knowledge base.

NSU’s own development was also presented – an unmanned aerial vehicle-police, which allows you to control the current situation in the city online, ensuring security.

“Novosibirsk is a city with its own ecosystem of technological development. There is a strong scientific school here with impressive academic potential. Businesses that know how to capitalize on technology and turn them into an economic asset are concentrated here. In general, this meets the objectives of achieving technological sovereignty set by the President. It’s impressive that the horizon of the project plans is calculated in years; there is a good foundation for the future for their implementation,” noted Maxim Reshetnikov, highly appreciating the presented projects.

NSU strives to be at the forefront of the technological agenda, said the governor of the Novosibirsk region Andrei Travnikov.

“We have said more than once that NSU has ceased to be exclusively a student bench for future researchers, a forge for academic institutes. This university gives us a lot of future entrepreneurs, and, very importantly, innovative entrepreneurs, and tries to be in the trend of all the most modern progressive things. In particular, today we got acquainted with the center for the development of artificial intelligence, the right to create which the university won this year, its first results and plans of colleagues,” he noted.

The main platform for demonstrating new technologies developed by the Center for Artificial Intelligence will be the new NSU campus, which is being built under the “Science and Universities” national project. Intelligent air, noise and vibration monitoring systems, a monitoring system for engineering infrastructure and buildings, an information platform for managing the educational process, administrative and economic activities, and an emergency prevention system will operate here.

“NSU has unique competencies in the field of artificial intelligence, which allows us to solve a wide range of both research and applied problems. We chose the topic “Construction and the urban environment”, since the implementation of AI technologies in this area is of great socio-economic importance and directly affects the quality of life of people. At the AI Center, we work closely with our industrial partners from areas such as telecommunications, construction, healthcare, and finance. We have already formed a work plan for the next three years, identified key projects that we will implement,” commented NSU Rector Mikhail Fedoruk.

During the visit, Maxim Reshetnikov also gave an open lecture “Artificial Intelligence: Prospects for Russia’s Development” to university students. According to the minister, AI today is one of the key tools for economic development. With its help, you can reduce costs, increase the efficiency of people, and, therefore, the quality of products. And the main thing is to gradually transform the labor market and move to an economy of high wages.

“In other words: it will be possible to produce more at lower costs. And Russia is moving in line with global trends in the development of artificial intelligence. We have our own market for solutions, strong personnel, a rapidly developing scientific school, and a high level of basic physics and mathematics education,” the minister emphasized, adding that the main development objectives are formulated in the National Strategy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence.

The discussion of the prospects for the development of high-tech companies continued in the Novosibirsk Academy Park, one of the largest production sites in the region, where more than 300 companies already operate. The total number of employees exceeds 9 thousand people, the total revenue of residents has reached 50 billion rubles. Here, unique developments in the fields of IT, instrument engineering, biotechnology and new materials are created and brought to market. It has its own “startup factory” A: START, which annually brings about 20 new innovative companies to the market.

The Minister was informed about the progress of construction of a new phase of the technology park consisting of 5 new industrial buildings with a total area of more than 65 thousand square meters. m. The volume of investment is estimated at 6 billion rubles. Half of them are private, and half are budget funds provided as part of the mechanisms of the so-called “infrastructure menu” – the restructuring of budget loans and the use of released funds for the development of infrastructure for park projects.

Note; This information is raw content directly from the source of the information. This is exactly what the source states and does not reflect the position of MIL-OSI or its clients.

Please note; This information is raw content directly from the information source. It is accurate to what the source is stating and does not reflect the position of MIL-OSI or its clients.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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