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HSE University develops and supports talents not only in Russia, but also abroad. For many years Directorate for Work with Youth Abroad initiates activities to attract talented foreign applicants, as well as to improve the qualifications of teachers from partner schools. Among the meetings recently organized by HSE are professional development programs (CIP) for teachers from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

In 2023 and spring 2024, HSE staff discussed current problems of teaching in a modern school with foreign teachers, and also shared their experience in the field of the latest educational technologies.

Within the framework of the PPC “Problems and practices of teaching social sciences in modern schools” in Kyrgyzstan, issues of teaching a social studies course were discussed. The key goal of the program was to develop the professional skills of social studies teachers in the field of modern social sciences, economics and law and to master the competencies necessary to prepare schoolchildren for successful participation in social science Olympiads, passing qualification tests and studying in Russian higher education institutions.

“The issues and problems that we discussed with teachers from Kyrgyzstan are practically no different from the problems of Russian teachers. We came to the conclusion that schoolchildren in our countries are very similar – inquisitive, inquisitive, and quite advanced. Even teachers sometimes have something to learn from them,” noted Maxim Bogachev, program presenter, academic director of the bachelor’s program “Political science” and scientific director of the master’s program “Modern social sciences in teaching social studies at school

Advanced training programs in Uzbekistan were devoted to the problems and practices of teaching Russian history, as well as standards of career guidance in school.

Within the framework of the educational program “Problems and practices of teaching Russian history,” the most important task was to increase the level of subject, methodological and communicative competencies of history and social studies teachers, taking into account modern requirements for the level of teacher qualifications and the development of the education system as a whole. The program was hosted by Alsou Biktasheva, professor Schools of Historical Sciences HSE, academic director of the master’s program “History of the modern world“, and Antonina Sharova, associate professor at the School of Historical Sciences at the Higher School of Economics, academic director of the bachelor’s program “Story

“I would like to thank the Russian Federation, represented by the teachers of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, for the opportunity to take a course of lectures. I really enjoyed the lectures and meeting the program speakers. I hope that I will be able to take part in other, no less interesting events at the National Research University Higher School of Economics,” shared Leila Velieva, a history teacher and student of the program in Uzbekistan.

In addition to conducting a professional development program, HSE teachers also met with undergraduate and graduate students in Tashkent and Samarkand, spoke about studying in two educational programs of the National Research University Higher School of Economics and conducted a quiz “Knowledge of history is the key to understanding modern life!” with awards for participants.

During the PPC “What is career guidance work with students and how to carry it out,” the tasks, directions and formats of career guidance work, diagnostic methods of career guidance, methods for designing a professional future, students’ careers and other issues were discussed. Students mastered the methodology of preparing independent career guidance lessons, prepared and defended their draft lessons on the topics: “Career growth, trajectory, starts and scope of thinking”, “The world of professions”, “How to relate your abilities to professions”, “Aptitudes and interests when choosing a profession ” and others.

“I really liked the program: relevant, informative, practical, interesting. Everything is clearly designed – you can simply take it and use it in your work,” program participant Dildora Pulatova shared her impressions. Another participant, Nilufar Akramova, added: “The entire course is valuable and useful. It opens up opportunities for teenagers to learn to discuss problematic issues and express their point of view.”

Note; This information is raw content directly from the source of the information. This is exactly what the source states and does not reflect the position of MIL-OSI or its clients.

Please note; This information is raw content directly from the information source. It is accurate to what the source is stating and does not reflect the position of MIL-OSI or its clients.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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